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Relationship Question

Looking for some advice. So I been with my fiancé now for a year and he has a daughter with his ex wife. There is so much drama with his ex that it seems to be causing problems in our relationship. There are times we won’t see each other for over a week at a time we don’t live together yet. Even though they have a custody agreement she is constantly calling to drop of there daughter and leaves her for days on end. I have yet to meet his daughter she is 3 and this is another issue I am having since he has been around my kids since we started dating basically. I always get thrown on the back burner because he never says no to his ex and it seems like my feelings never matter but when it comes to his ex even though she constantly causes drama she always interferes with our plans and it’s putting a strain on our relationship. He does not see it the way I do. So question does anyone have baby mama drama and how do you deal with it? I feel like we are never going to be able to move forward like she still has full control of him and she will always give him a problem feels like we will never move into together or become a family. I need help because I don’t know how much more I can take this I cry so much all the time when he’s not here

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Hello Tiffany, It is unlikely that this situation will ever change. The ex wife is calling the shots and your fiancé is putting her and their child first. He still has a strong attachment to her and always will because of their child. What you call mama drama, do you want to live with that?If it were me I would be thinking long and hard about this. Your kids should come first with you and this wouldn't be a good situation for them. I'm sorry to be so negative, but really it is a negative circumstance. Remember it's not what people say that counts, it's what they do. Pam

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Hi tiffany1979, and welcome to the forum. This is a difficult situation for you. It may be of help for both you and your partner to discuss this situation with a relationship counsellor. If you are in the UK you could try Relate relate.org.uk 0300 100 1234 This will help you and your partner talk through this situation. Please continue to post on this forum where you will receive help and support from other members. Thank you and best wishes.


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