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Hi all

Been off a while as finished my face to face counselling via work and currently do online CBT which despite my scepticism I have found has really helped me turn my life around. Christmas is a tough time without my mum and lots of memories but happy ones and making lots of new ones with my amazing 2 year old son who kept me going on the darkest times. I wish everyone a happy Christmas and great new year, keep fighting this terrible illness and never give up remember you are all amazing and some of the posts on here are really inspiring to me and others. Take care all.

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Merry Christmas Redcol5!

Wishing you (and everyone else) health, wealth and happiness.


Well done Redcol5, welcome back to this caring community. I am sure your recent post will help to inspire some of our members. Also I am so pleased that you have such happy memories of your late Mum. Although they are tinged with sadness as well as joy you will be able to share the good memories with your lovely son as he grows so that her memory will live on for both of you. I am sure our members will wish you well over this special time of year. Take comfort in the support that surrounds you, best wishes to you and all our members.

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