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feeling small

earlier this evening i became really sensitive to sound, the t.v was loud and i was getting upset. i had to do my chores but all i could focus on was the noises, my mom starting crushing up candy canes (for cookies she was baking) with a mallet and it sent me over the edge. i plugged my ears and started crying like a proper child i dont know what came over me but i broke down and just bawled my eyes out...over a loud noise...im 17. ugh idk whats wrong with me. my poor mom had to comfort me till i calmed down

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Don’t beat yourself up :) I know from experience the slightest thing can get to you when you’re not feeling so good. It’s great that you have a supportive family around that understand and can comfort you.

When I’m feeling emotional even a small snippet of music can send me into floods of tears... and I’m 29! Happens to the best of us :)

Hang in there,


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this can be caused by a few things. I don't feel like you should beat yourself up about it too much.

consider doing research on afew things like Hyperacusis and misophonia. both trigger emotional responses from certain sounds.

it might be a good time to get a hearing test.

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