Close to the edge ... A poem

Close to the edge, I see the drop,

I will fall quite loud and my head will pop.

A gasp from the crowd, who look down on me.

I am lying there lifelessly,

The noise I once had is now a silent plea.

Rejoice rejoice I made it this far,

I awoke from dream, without a scar.

I dislike these thoughts, they come with no care,

Plagued and trapped, tattered and torn,

Life is so hard, like am standing on a thorn,

Another day nearly over, a step closer is to death,

I welcome that day with baited breath.

Will be easier to handle, lying in a box,

Nothing to worry about, not even a fox.


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16 Replies

  • That's a great poem. Did you write it? x

  • Thankyou and yes I did off the cuff before. I write a lot of poetry that describes how I feel

  • I liked your poem ,Satsuma, but its confused me. I always thought of you as an orange but now I'm not sure you're not a rabbit or a hen with all that worrying about foxes.

  • Bring an orange, foxes will not come near me and I shall not worry when am in a box for anything not even a fox

  • Am glad u like it Olderal thank you

  • We'll written :) I'm sorry you feel that way though.

  • Thank you Iluvhorses

  • You do not have to be sorry. I find life extremely difficult

  • I imagine that you don't like people pitying (sp?) you so this is just me acknowledging your pain.

  • Ahh right I see Iluvhorses I failed to understand the context .. Just one of many flaws having cognitive difficulties

  • What does (so?) mean ?

  • I wasn't sure if I had spelled "pitying" right. I imagine that you don't like people feeling sorry for you so this is just me acknowledging your pain.

  • (so?) even

  • I write sp and it somehow gets changed to so

  • Same here lol.

  • Photogeek I will be soon I am awaiting yet another assessment. In the meantime I plod on through the ups and downs albeit very difficult

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