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I don't know if anyone has felt like this, the past few weeks I have felt like things are really starting to get better. So much so that when I was asked last night how I was doing, I was at my archery club in a very busy hall, I announced in a loud voice that I was feeling fantastic. :-D

A close friend told me that was great because he had noticed that I had been looking very scared at times at the archery. He said it was good that I was feeling good and to remember this feeling for the down days.

I woke this morning wondering how long this feeling will last and if there is anything I can do to keep it going. I like feeling like this, I like feeling better. I haven't felt this good in such a long time and I am worried that it will slip away from me.

Any suggestions on how to keep this feeling going would be greatly appreciated.


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  • If depression recurs ,heaven forbid , you've probably got what the psychos call Bipolar 1 or 2. Bipolar 2 usually has spells of hypomania which usually mean you will be very productive and all of life will be enhanced . Bipolar 1 usually involves a more manic hypomania , or just mania, and makes leading a normal life more difficult .

    Bipolar 2 is not less serious as the depressive spells tend to be more frequent and deeper. Neither bipolar 1 nor bipolar 2 are cause for despair.

    You could also have a type of depression which recurs but with no manic or hypomanic symptoms. Bad luck if so but its not the end of the world.

    Hopefully for you its a one off experience. Regular exercise , regular healthy eating and sleeping habits, keeping up all family and social contacts will all help to prevent relapse if you have a recurring type. In my opinion ,although I have n't tried this long enough to know for sure , a daily dose of the highest strength fish oil capsules you can find also seems to help. Google my Protein, they sell a high strength one pretty cheaply. There is some evidence fish oil is good for the brain , its certainly good for the heart , and probably would help with constipation. Quite a bonus.

    Alcohol ,if not under control, and recreational drugs I would say are a big no no.

    Everyone looks scared at archery when it's their turn to be the target. Don't worry about that.

    Watch the hypomania , announcing things in a loud voice sounds a little bit manic. The psychos don't like hypomania as it does n't want too much of a push to become mania.

    Personally I've never been manic in 35 years and love the hypomanic feeling but the psychos like to keep you a bit lower than hypomanic to give a safety margin. B--------ds!

    Many of us if we had our time again surprisingly would opt for bipolar 1 or 2 , although you would n't catch me saying this when depressed.


  • I feel concerned that you suggested a diagnosis - especially as the symptom this person mentions does not necessarily indicate bi-polar at all but suggests she is defending against depression by trying to pull herself out of it - that does result in a degree of mania but has nothing to do with bi-polar which is a distinct pattern of behaviours.

  • Hi,

    I don't have mania or Bi-polar. This is my first occurrence of depression and for the past couple of years have found that when I have been communicating my voice volume has been lower. (I know this cause my close family have been really good in explaining how I have been, they hadn't noticed the change in me cause it had been gradual and I know they feel a little guilt for not picking up on the signs, but they were gradual and only on looking back can they now see the changes as a sign something wasn't right with me. Anyway all is good with my family now and we are closer than we have ever been.) So as I have been speaking in a low voice for so long the loud voice , to me, would probably be a normal volume for everyone else. I need to relearn my volume control of me voice as I have gotten used to speak so low that my brain thinks it's a normal level. :-D

    You know how it is when things go well there is always that doubt that something bad is about to happen and that is how I feel and was just looking for any suggestions that people have that may help in keeping the good feeling going.

    I listen to music, have upped my exercise and am spending more time with my family and getting back to my sport. I am on my own, so it's the nights that can be a problem for me as I don't sleep well, even with the exercise and getting out a lot more.

    So any suggestions to help keep the good feeling going and dealing with the feeling it won't last would be great. I've always been a pessimist so I find it hard not to think of what can go wrong.

  • Sorry,rose, I don't think I gave any diagnosis. Just described the most likely of 3 possibilities if it recurs , along with the hope its a one off , which it may well be. The key phrase being "if" you have a recurring type.

  • Hi

    Best way I think, dont think about it, just enjoy, if you find yourself thinking oh this wont last or what if it doesn't last try and catch the thought and think so what, Im having fun now, who cares about tomorrow.

    Right now your body and mind is getting used to feeling happy, so let it and if you have a down day well think okay that's okay because now I know how to be happy and it will come back.

    Take the pressure right off yourself to achieve anything, just enjoy.

    Hold it lightly and it will last longer. You know how it is grip hard on to something and may crack. Hold your happiness like a beautiful butterfly in your hand and everyday you are good thank yourself for being good at that. Its okay to be happy, you deserve to be happy and I for one and happy you are happy. BIG KISS XX

  • Thank Caroline, That helps a lot. I have in the past tended to over analysis things (probably why I became an IT programmer :-D ). I sometimes if it hard not to do the what ifs and have a plan for every possibility. I'm just going to enjoy it as long as it lasts. I like you statement "Hold your happiness like a beautiful butterfly in your hand" I can really visualise that and if you don't mind I'm going to add that to my stack of flash card phrases that I have.

    I hope you are well and feeling good yourself. Thank you. XX

  • Lol... you made me smile.... thank you :-) It's all good xx

  • :-D Great making someone else smile makes me happy. :-D

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