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Mood swings

Hi I was just wondering if anyone else experiences mood swings like I do. I am not sure what triggers them.

Lately I have been having mood swing throughout the day sometimes I can be ok in the morning but when it gets to late afternoon/evening I get really low and distressed and can be ok for a couple of hours and then start crying and feeling really down again.

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Hi Katie,

Minor mood swings during the day are nothing to particularly worry about. You can practice acceptance of the fact or you may feel more comfortable by asking your doctor to adjust your meds level so that you have enough of the drug in your system to last the day.

There is a good chart free to download that might help keep track of your moods and form the basis of a chat with the doc. The chart is designed for bipolar but with a few tweaks will work for anybody

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Firstly, we don't know your age which is important to know. Secondly are you on the Pill? Because the Pill can cause hormonal changes which cause mood swings. Or you may be low in vital vitamins in your body. Low vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) and low vitamin B12 can both cause low moods. Also where do you live? In the northern hemisphere or in the sunshine?

Also, in the UK where I am, we have been told over the years to eat a low fat diet. The brain is made of 80% fat so our brains need good fats in order to work properly. So the cutting out of fats in our diets (I don't mean fats = McD or fast food), gives depression and other symptoms. You need to eat full fat milk, cream, nuts, cheese, etc. If you would like a copy of my Special Diet please send me a Private Message. It has turned my life around since August 2017.

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Yes I think the previous two replies have likely covered this. See your GP and if you like get a referral. Get the help of people who trained for like 7++ years to help you and only you!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Bipolar is a possibility. Embrace it! You can find solace there.


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