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What do i do with my mood swings

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I suffer depression and when im bad i get suicidal this lasts a few months then i have a month when im ok them bam back to depression

Help im on sertraline

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Speak to your doctor and he or she can help


Have you discussed this problem, Mood Changes with your Doctor ?

If so has your Doctor suggested any other treatment to help, like a change of medication ? Or what about talking therapy ?

In the past I took an overdose of Opium Type medications and the whole experience was not what you would expect, Suicide attempts are a muggs game


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Victims in reply to borderriever

Aww thanks Bob yes il talk to my Gp shes ringing me tuesday xx

Hi im on them but only a small does and only been on them a few wks i noticed one day im fine the next im not thought it was the meds just trying to settle in and adjusting well i hope so but i get fed up easy because my emotionals kick in i cry its like i dont have anything to cry over it just happens uncontrolable i'm just wondering what dose ur on nd how long have u been on these sertraline ?

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Victims in reply to Di01

Hi ive been on it a year now and i take it at night as if i take in day makes. Me a zombie so im not havin that lol

What dose u on ? I take mine also at the night but still wanna nap during the day was hoping it would pass but time will tell r u feeling any benefits tho from it with me i keep thinking will i see any benefits from it dont want to be waiting a yr b4 i feel some improvement

Im on top dose 200mg they dont go any higher :( i dont find it useful and am askin to come off it at min im researching depression diff types ect and what meds are used for whatTheres only me whose gonna kill this thing inside me i wanna b ready when doc comes back at me its my body my life my anxiety

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