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I’m so DONE! My mom doesn’t understand how much my work at school stresses me. Since I’ve been online schooled, all I do is WORK! I take lots of breaks bc I know my brain can’t handle doing everything all at once, but I push myself so hard to get good grades and work on quizzes and tests ALL FRICKEN DAY. My mother gets mad at me when my progress goes from green to yellow. Look, ever since I took my exams, it’s been hard to get back on track w school bc they wouldn’t let me work on anything until I took the mid term exams. I’m trying hard to make A’s, but the amount of work I have is killing me still! She gets furious over my progress, and I’m so upset bc I don’t know how to get all this work done before Dec 8th. I’m screwed. I seriously don’t think anyone understands how much I work myself everyday. It’s so tiring bc all I do is read lessons, take HUNDREDS of notes, then do a bunch of quizzes and tests! I already hate school bc I’m not going to need to know half of this stuff when I graduate, for I’m going to be a beauty guru on YouTube. I’ve had many panic attacks bc of the amount of work put on me in such a little amount of time. I’m stressed to the max. I seriously just wish I could die and not have to deal w this anymore.

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Stay strong! You can only push yourself to far, try writing how you feel on a piece of paper and giving it to your mum, if that doesn't work just scream, scream as loud and as much as you want, go on runs and jogs put your ear phones in and block it all out!!

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Hello im wondering if u are on any medication to calm your mind ? If not perhaps u could see a doc and explain how your mind is stressed with all your workload ? Do u no how to organise your work ? Do u no how to pace yourself ? Take time out for rest ? Your mind needs rest aswell as work Challange as you need to be calm and u will be able to concentrate much better. Does your mum know how yr feeling? How stressfull u feel your workload is ? Perhaps she can help u to organise your workload to make it a little easier, i dont think u will get through all the work feeling stressed as the stress will make working much harder do try to speak to someone around u to and try to get help in calming your mind u sound very chaotic and working with a chaotic mind will make things worse, deep breathing really does help can u perhaps download some guided meditation to

help calm your mind ? I do hope u find some help as being calm will help u to get thru these things... best wishes 🙂

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