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Anxious and feeling like I messed up

Over the past two months I’ve been having emotional problems and been on the verge of breaking down. I know I’m not a perfect person but lately the feeling like im not has gotten to the extreme and at times it’s showable. I think I first started to be a bit more anxious when My ex broke up with me because of my pot allergy in September ( and when you live in Washington apparently that’s a problem) because after that happened I took a break from going to dances for a couple of months because I would break down every time I was there then one of my parents decided to yell at me because of their emotional issues and now I feel like I can’t really function because I feel like I’m in an inescapable place in my own head because I’m scared that I’m doing something wrong and that I’m to blame for a lot of things I’m not sure I did or not. Sometimes I wonder if the problem is that I’m broken and if I’m able to be fixed but don’t have the tools to be.

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Hi Kairod 1995. I often struggle with things I feel are too much to cope with, either personal or work. You have to believe there's a light in the distance beckoning you on. You aren't responsible for others shouting @ you. That's down to their failures. I feel we're all broken to an extent - I certainly am. But liken things to a teapot you dropped & smashed - you can get special glue to fix it. In the same way this site & folk on it are our special glue ensuring our pieces can be picked up & repaired before enjoying a "deadly" cup of tea. (Deadly is Irish slang for great!)

Take care. We're all here for ya! 🇮🇪

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Hello Kairod1995, welcome to this forum where I see that you have had a very helpful reply from Finglas-Boy. I am very sorry to read that you have broken up from your boyfriend, and that too may be causing you to feel low in yourself. It is never easy when you finish a relationship and often we can feel alone and vulnerable for a while, and emotional. But try not to take on other peoples emotions, as that will be their issues to deal with. Maybe try and meet up with friends that you didn't get to see often when you were with your boyfriend? Or there might be things that you can now do, that you are single and independent again and perhaps making a list of different activities that you enjoy, may help you to feel better in yourself. Is there any group or social club that you could join, near where you live, maybe even a walking or running group to support you? I am sure you have not done or said anything wrong and you are not to blame for feeling the way you do. You have made your first step by coming along to this caring community, so do please keep posting so that you receive lots of help and good advice. Keeping a diary of your feelings and thoughts may help, you may then be able to read back and see if there are things that help you and things that don't help. Also you may find it helpful to go and see you GP, counselling and/or medication can be very useful and help you to begin to feel better. wishing you all the very best and good luck to you.......


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