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Given up

It’s been many months since I last saw my therapist. We left off saying I needed an urgent prescription change and more therapy and group lessons however they still haven’t come back to me. Then I was really feeling down and they knew that however here I am in November with new cuts on my body and bruises on my arms and I feel like no one cares enough to do anything. I hate to tell people about what I’m going through but to be honest I could’ve been sat here now with a new prescription and feeling much better but because they haven’t bothered to make any decisions to help me or care about me I’m slipping into old ways.

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Welcome Erin, I am sorry to hear that you feel you are being ignored but we are listening and we care. Can I ask have you contacted the health professional again, you may have slipped through the net, perhaps your CPN, therapist has been off sick and the messages haven't been passed on. There can be many reasons why this has occurred, however letting them know that you are still waiting can't hurt and maybe bring you to the front of their minds. What about your GP? Have any of the other members any proactive thoughts please?

Take heart Erin - we are here for you and good luck, contact them again.

All the best.


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