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Shaky, lightheaded, dizzy


For the last month I’ve had these symptoms most of the time. But they have been constant (non stop) for the last week. Lightheaded when I stand up or bend over, shaky when I use my muscles (any part of my body). Just a tiny tremble inside. Not really noticeable to others. And I’m so tired and feel really out of shape. I haven’t exercised much since this started.

I went to the doc and the ER. Blood tests, EKG, CT scans and they can’t find anything wrong. Not blood sugar either.

Doc said shaking was probably anxiety but not sure about the lightheadedness.

I have been stressed lately, but haven’t had my usually anxiety symptoms of racing heart, tingly face and intrusive negative thoughts. It’s just so weird that I would have these new symptoms (shaky and lightheaded) without the old ones. Now I’m afraid the old ones will come back too because I’m so worried.

Anyone else get these symptoms or been through something similar?

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Hi, I get this, its anxiety, obviously I'm not qualified to say for certain but the mind can produce a range of unpleasant symptoms, sometimes I feel I cant get a proper breath, I sweat too, it's worse in shopping malls or places where there is people, i take b vitamin complex for stress and anxiety and a separate b3 vitamin, i find it has balanced me out more. I'm recovering from alot of stress and anxiety, I jumped at the slightest thing, I enjoy listening to classical music at night, it empties the chitter chatter in my mind, I've started a support group and feel mixing with people is paramount to getting me well because I dont work due to my current state. My mind tells me not to mix but I must fight against it. I wish you well ladydoot😊we can be anything we put our minds to!

Do you feel dizzy when standing up, or when you walk out from a warm house outside on a cold day. ??

Are you falling ??

When was the last time you had your eyes checked.

Have you had your ears checked by your GP.


It’s more lightheaded than dizzy when I stand up. There’s no spinning. No falling or being off balance really. I had an eye exam last year and am actually due for one soon. No ear problems. My GP is referring me to a neurologist to hopefully rule out other things.

All I can suggest is you attend your Appointment with your Specialist, It does sound like Anxiety. We are all supposed to have our eyes checked every twelve months, many Opticians have a specialist who also looks in your age in the NHS, Specsavers do the test so when you have your eyes done, they will do the ears as well.

I went through six months of tests and they have confirmed my problems are caused by my neck and my body cannot produce B12 so I need injections and medications, and eye check ups, not forgetting a Dentist every six and three months respectively. The injections every three months, so it is so difficult to advise, you may need tests, starting with your eyes and ears


Thanks BOB. We’re you dizzy and shaky too?

My Dizzy turns were basically down to, if I was in the house, stood up I would become dizzy. If I walked outside from a warm room to a cold day I had problems and could fall down., walking downstairs would caused me to be dizzy. Sometimes when I was getting out the car the same would happen. I could not bend either.. All down to a rapid change in blood pressure.

The cramps and pins and needles were caused by nerve and tendon damage. So they started giving B12 Injections, every three months for life and D3 medications again for lif, my body cannot make B12 like it should so they need to supplement it.

The B12 and D3 seems to be working, at about ten weeks I revert back until I get my injections


I also get dizzy when standing up quickly or bending over. My CBC panel said my blood was fine but it didn’t test specifically for B12. I also have a bulging disk in my neck pressing on a nerve and this all started with that diagnosis.

How old are you ?, I am sixty nine years old and had PsA for over thirty years


Only 38

You are still quite young and given that, hopefully your problems will be down to your mental health and any needs you need to sort out all your concerns. It is possible your Neuro will be able to work out what is going on and help rectify your fears and concerns. I have my last appointment next Friday week to discuss all the findings of all tests that lasted about seven weeks.

In my case it would seem most of my medications will be ceased and they will rely on other less invasive medications.

In my case it is my blood pressure being generally ok at rest and my blood pressure drops when I stand, I also have extensive damage in my neck caused by a whiplash injury when I skidded and hit a sandstone wall in 1976, that sound like my neck is causing problems with the spine and nerves that effect my whole body. I am getting good when I stagger, I would fall now I just look drunk and Have to stand still until the sensation clears


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