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Finally, Inspiration

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I am coming to grips with the fact that I have depression. I keep thinking I will be "cured" but from what I've read, it's another manageable, chronic condition. I have had a couple very successful careers but I'm so tired and down that I don't give a hoot about it any more. (Plus- took current job to help my alma mater and it's not a good fit... or, is it a good fit, but I'm too miserable to know it?) I'm so confused and anxious nearly all the time. Doc put me on medical leave but can't get therapy for another three weeks. Welcome to America.

- Depression, off and on since late 1990s.

- This is the worst episode by far. Can't seem to pull out of it.

- Moved a lot as a young person (now 49) and I think I'm finally exhausted.

- Career has always been focus. No kids. Never married. Regret both.

- Thinking I'd like to sell everything I own (apartment full) and move in with my folks (80s) and work a part-time, simple job while I get better.

I joined this forum hoping to find some self-help tips... I have gotten some... and I'm still searching for the magic pill that will just make me feel okay... stable... calm enough to make good decisions.

2 Replies

Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.

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Hello KE I can tell you there is no magic pill so we can put that idea aside. I have known people who have overcome depression. It is hard work and involves being healthy as in eating well and exercising, having some sort of therapy, finding goals etc. It's a lot, but you don't have to do it all at once. Seeing a therapist is probably a good place to start. Having a plan makes you feel better and in more control. Some of your exhaustion is probably from your depression. I would think moving in with your parents could be good for all of you. That's the way it used to be done and I think people were happier for it. It's a waste really having regrets. If you had married and had children you may have had a different set of problems , and if you want some of that in your life volunteering with kids is very rewarding. You are young enough to have a second chance. Pam


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