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beyond done

Life is really hard right now, my mom doesnt understand my depression she thinks its a joke. i feel like the only way someone will actually take me seriusly is if i actually end my life. Ive tried so many times and it never seems to be much of a wake up call to anybody. I wish my mom would understand and help me through some of my hard feelings she always says i am playing the victim..i mean i dont know what else to do because my own biological mom hurt me so bad and now i am adopted and i dont know how to accept the love my adopted parents are trying to give me, because i am so hurt and i dont know how to be happy.life just really sucks, i hate it.

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I'm sorry to hear that your biological mom hurt you. I am adopted too. It sounds like your mom may have some kind of disorder. That kind of hurt and saying the things she does, it means there is something wrong with her, not you. It's good to hear that you have adoptive parents that do love you and are trying to show you they care. I know it doesn't change how you feel.

Healing from emotional abuse sometimes can take a lot longer to do than physical abuse. Emotional abuse leaves scars on the soul and nobody can see them. I've been emotionally abuse too. Made to feel like I was worthless, piece of garbage, and other cruel things. You are not playing victim. You are justified in feeling the way you do and nobody else has the right to make you feel bad about that.

It is good that you are posting on here and reaching out for help. Connecting with other people that have similar experiences or can offer compassion, judgement free is good to have. What are some things that interest you? Part of my personal therapy is I google motivational speeches, self compassion writings, what to do when I can't take it anymore. I like to information gather. If there is something I don't understand, I google it. Even if it's a feeling I can't shake.



I can relate to you on some levels because for me its my family, my dad my older brother, younger brother and everyone else who thinks that depression is just being sad and that I should man up and not be sad. My younger sister has anger issue and I have told them to get her help but they just laugh and says ohh she is fine. I have thought about it soo many times that if I took my life they would understand it and maybe that way they would help her out. where am from people dont understand these things so i try to help her because my family wont. I hope that one day they understands it because it would make things a million times easier for me. if you ever want to talk i will be happy to listen and i know that none of this will help but i find it better to avoid talking with my family about it and i find it better to talk to a good friend about it who listen to me and understands it.


I can relate so much to you. Just know that you are not alone and it's not worth it. Don't do that to those who love you <3

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