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I'm not really in a good place at the moment. Haven't been for a while, and it's only recently I've been seeing someone about it but it's hard to pour your heart out to someone you don't know. I'm not currently on meds, but I'm not sure if I should. I'm always extremely down and then when I'm not I convince myself I'm okay but then I'll get sad agian. My trust issues also make it hard to reach out to those around me, I seem to just force them away. My personality tends to be quite argumentative and that added with my negative attitudes means not a lot of people stick by me, but I need them.

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Hello C14TO2, and welcome to the forum. Medication may help you and you can discuss this with your GP. If you both feel that they can help they can be prescribed for you. Many people find it helpful to write down how they are feeling. Explain to your friends that things are difficult for you at the moment and you would like their support. Please stay on the forum where you can be supported by other members. Best wishes.

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Means a lot to have someone reply positivley, I have started writing a lot of things down as a relief. Thanks

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