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Feel isolated

I live very far from where I was born, I have no family or friends, I am married to a man who does not show emotions, I have a history of depression, so I feel very isolated. I am looking for a job since a long time but I am either over qualified or under qualified, I think no one wants to hire me because I am old but employers can't say that. So I feel obsolete if I disappear no one will even notice.

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Hello Sunshine, I have a husband who doesn't show emotion either and it is very lonely We do have children who are very busy with their own lives. I do see them frequently but that doesn't fulfill all my time. I am retired because of my health friends tend to disappear if you are unable to keep up your part in a relationship. So I'm in more or less the same boat as you.It may take awhile to find a job but you could try volunteering , also community classes such as cooking or knitting, whatever you are interested in . Book clubs, card clubs you could start your own, put a notice in your grocery store or ask neighbors. Try babysitting , housesitting. Join a church if you are so inclined. Try a fast food place, they hire older people and it can be fun working with younger people. Being needed is so important to all of us. I'm sure your husband needs you , he probably hasn't learned how to show it. You can make your own life happier though. Pam


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