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Bi Polar

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My daughter in law has rapid cycle bi polar and I would like to know how best to support her and my son. When she is in low mood she can become delusional, suicidal, religious mania, heavy binge drinking and has ended up in hospital so many times. Mental health care in her area is not brilliant. She is approaching 50 and I am worried for her about the effect of the menopause.

She is taking a single dose of quetiapine at night, no CPN, no crisis plan, no medical support

Your thoughts as to how best to support her would be appreciated

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Hello Sheila

Welcome to this community. Many thanks for your post. You sound very concerned for your daughter in law. It is a supportive gesture towards her for you to join this community.

This is a supportive community so our members may be able to offer you more information and support.

You may want to look at the topics to the right of this message especially the mental illness guide, self help treatments and self help.

She may need more support from the health services. Her doctor should be able to refer her for more support and help. You and your son may also need more support, the charity MIND may be helpful.

Do take care and keep in touch

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