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I'm lost

I'll come back. I'll come back. I'll come back.

Knowing that I'm not who I used to be.

Knowing that I've changed.

They don't care about me anymore.

They don't know me anymore.

I'm lost in a sea.

A sea of emotions.

A sea of regrets to spell out.

A sea of thoughts.

All stuck beneath the seafloor.

I'm lost in a forest.

Every puddle is imprinted with my footsteps.

Every patch of grass is filled with others.

Others, yet I do not know how they got there.

Every fallen branch spells my name.

Yet every high tree spells the name of others.


I am lost in a room.

Where am I, where are they?


The beige walls have the names of others.

Where is mine?

They, others.

Locked in a dark room,

I stare blankly at the walls...

It seems like an eternity passed since then.

Yet this wall has contorted my memories,



I am lost.

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So sad, beautifully written.

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