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Need to vent


So im currently still in highschool and recently, things feel like they're going downhill faster than ever. I've experienced hard things before, but never like this. For the past several evenings in a row i spend at least an hour crying in my room away from the rest of my family. When I come back upstairs, I simply tell my parents that its just allergies. If i tell them the truth, I know what will happen. They'll blame my phone or tell me to suck it up cause highschool is hard for everybody. Its so stupid. Plus, I fell like my friends are drifting away. I have so much homework and nobody ever invites me to do anything anymore. And when they do, I normally have to say no because i have so much work to do. It's the worst. I don't know what to do or who to turn to anymore.

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Ah, the high school blues. Fortunately they don't last forever. The friends you make in college are the ones that usually last into your career years. You'll have more in common with them. Why are you going to night school ?

I’m not going to night school, I just keep having mental breakdowns every night because of school. Sorry for the confusion

Got it. I don't know what to tell you except that it will pass. I hated high school and the whole social thing that went with it. College was so much better for me. Try to keep your focus on the future and being prepared for it. You can always come on here and vent. Pam

Thanks. I’ll try to get through it

Ask your doctor for advice, my doctor has been wonderful i was scared at first with the stigma of depression but once i did it i was so relieved, they listened and knew how to help me without pushing meds onto me as i said i didn't want that, i now do CBT and listen to motivational calming videos on YouTube to help me when i cant cope, i write a lot now to vent my feelings and fears this helps when i cant express exactly how i feel even just random words helps me, if you have a good friend who may have drifted a little talk to them explain that things are too much and you need their support, true friends will stick it out with you :) if you need someone to chat to I’m always willing to be a ear :)

Thank you very much. I go to counseling every week, but this week and next week I can’t because they’ll be out of town. In the mean time, I’m just trying as hard as I can to get through the day. Reaching out to friends is really helping me to get things out. Thank you so much for the wonderful suggestions!

Your welcome, its good to stick together :)


Aw bud! Take it from somebody who felt just like you. I’m 28, turning 29... high school doesn’t feel THAT long ago.

Turn to us! Times are changing for you. Whether feel like it or maybe they are. And that’s ok. Every section of life has change, and honestly.. a lot change sucks at first!

My questions for you are these:

What makes you happy?

Would it help to have a group study session?

How do you prioritize your time? Like what’s your day to day schedule?

You seem like a really nice, intuitive, and empathetic person. You have values. Right now is a tough time. It will pass. Let us help!

I just turned 24 today ,and I feel so old.

You have so so so many years ahead of you. A woman found her passion and became a yoga teacher at 60! Been doing it five years now. Don't worry, you have lots of time. See it that with each year you sink even further into an understanding of yourself, wiser and more at peace :)

Are you just sitting in school looking out of the window thinking and falling asleep with head in arms for no reason.

Very occasionally. Normally I always do what I can to be engaged in class

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