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It isn't really a health problem, but could be linked to my depression.

I have noticed i get very emotional over the elderly, i see them in public and want to give them a hug, i want to help them but they're probably scared about how i look (covered in tattoo's and piercings only 25 yr old). There was a elderly lady on a talk show who died recently and so they paid tribute and i couldnt help but blub.

Just why? I dont understand

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Hi SirensPoison, and welcome to the forum. The way you are feeling could be, as you say, due to your depression, but could also be because you have a caring nature. This is such a lovely quality and a valuable one. It may be worth making an appointment to see your GP if you are feeling depressed so that you can discuss help and support. You may also like to explore the possibility of doing some volunteer work with the elderly at some point. Please continue to post on the forum and other members will be along to provide support. Best wishes.


That is the most awesome thing to hear! There are not enough people like you who want to reach out to the ones who need it most. Based on your physical description, the initial first reaction someone has when they see a young person with tattoos and piercings is that they are tough. This is not true, as you just explained. What is your current job? Maybe you can turn this feeling, of really wanting to care for the elderly, into a passion or career? Those were just my thoughts... the thoughts of a young person with no professional knowledge: )


I think its lovely that you care. If you wanted to make a difference - which might help you feel good, rather than getting upset by it - you could always see if there's a nursing home near you. They often appreciate volunteers who pop in to say hello and chat to the elderly. You can play games with them/ read to them/ take them out into the gardens etc. whatever you are into. It's very rewarding and can make a huge difference to them as they are often so short staffed no one has time to sit and spend time with them - especially if they dont have family. Or age concern i think it is have a scheme where you call an elderly person to have a chat each week so that they have some one to talk to as most of them hardly see other people.


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