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So following on my last post, where I talked about my behavior and how I act around certain people, I've read a little more about paranoia and mental illness related to it. I've come to believe that a lot of my thoughts and actions stem from paranoia. Which now I feel like this was obvious, yet I still somehow overlooked the possibility. Anyways, I'm not sure if this paranoia stems from anxiety, low self esteem, or another source. I've only read a little about paranoia and paranoid delusions. They talk about it stemming from "Delusional Disorder" in which the person suffers from an irrational belief or suspicion that can be completely absurd or something within the realm of possibility. I feel, with my limited understanding of the disorder, that this describes what may be going on in my head. I'm not sure, nor have I been diagnosed with this disorder or any other mental illness, aside from ADHD. Not that I've ever reached out to anyone for any of my mental health concerns. What do you think?

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I felt like I was paranoid at one stage and I spoke to my GP about it at the time because I did think I was going even more crazy than I felt. I was lucky at the time because I was also seeing a psychologist who I also spoke to about it.

I just felt that certain people were talking behind my back and deliberately speaking about me and putting me down, when I was just trying to get back to a normal routine and was doing things that I would of in the past. Both my GP and psychologist explained that although I was really sensitive to how those around me were acting that I was not paranoid with how I was being treated. There was a whole mess with my ex and people turning against me when we split up and it just all got to me.

What I learned from the situation was that I was over analyzing most situations because I knew I was not myself and that I was not acting the same way as I did. I was too concerned with other people and not upsetting them when I should have been concentrating on myself and getting well.

I'd say for you that you need to speak to your doctor and raise your concern, but it could also just be your ADHD, if you have any concerns at all you should talk to someone about them so that they can explain why you feel the way you are. You also have to watch what you read on the internet because sometimes you can read something about an illness and find the symptoms in yourself even although you don't have that illness and then end up being worried and stressing when you didn't need to.

Please check with your doctor so that you can stop the worry. I was glad I spoke to mine and it took a weight off my mind.

Take care,


Hi JBJosh. I read ur last post and I was amazed at how much alike our thought processes are when u spoke about being with 3 or more people. I find I get paranoid that they don't want me around and they really don't like me. I do believe that is paranoia. Some is low self esteem, for me anyway, but also the mental illness. I never thought of it as a delusion. That's my take on it. I'm sorry u experience these feelings, as I know very well how horrible it feels to doubt everyone and oneself. I guess do what u can to fight these false beliefs off with self confirmations that u are worthy and UR friends do like u. I hope this helps, and remember you r not alone!

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Me again! I agree with 20 voices to check with ur dr. I gave you a little of my story as an example. I would never try to diagnose anybody.

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I appreiate your guys insight on this post. It helps to know other people know what it feels like, it makes me feel less crazy and alone.


No ur not alone. I've always felt like a third wheel. Then if pe didn't talk to me in a certain amount of time, they really didn't like me. Or if they saw me and didn't smile they are mad at me. And so on!

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