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Distrust and Fear of Emotions

Anyone struggle with or trust issues? I find myself lacking trust or openness. This leaves me feeling like a fake to others deep down although I'm not sure what others think of me, I can't predict if they can tell if I'm being fake. I have a hard time accepting someone's generosity because in a way it leaves me in a vulnerable place....Sometimes I think to myself that I don't ever want to deal with my emotions, when I am engaged in something without structure, I feel like I am sinking in my own negative emotions, confused, and shameful. I enjoy work relationships because of their structure ( I do my job, most likely in time I receive respect and the other party feels the same. It's a safe environment for me to know how to act and know what to expect.) I feel like I go straight to logic in order to not let my emotions over. In friendships I feel as if I use them if things are going good and become needy when things are going bad. Is it because I don't let love in enough? Personal relationships scare me and I feel insecure when others are too close, as if I need to hide something (maybe my true self..)

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I'm the same. My work relationships tend to be healthier than those in my personal life. I like the structure and the fact we have shared goals.


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