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Hello, this is my first post ! Recently i've been struggling to take care of myself properly, I can do simple things like drink water and get dressed and stuff but my hygiene and eating are on the lower side. My anxiety has increased a lot lately and I really don’t know what triggered it but now I have so many scratches all over my arms and legs and my fingertips hurt so bad almost everyday. (my anxiety tics are scratching and nail biting) I have a job that I can consistently make it to, I think having my job is what gives me the ability to function as much as I currently am. I've been feeling so gloomy every day and it really wear down my confidence and energy. Hope you all are doing well currently! Feel free to tell me about your week please! I enjoy the socialization!! Any tips for how to get out of this rut? Thank you and goodbye!

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I used to get acrylics to keep myself from biting my nails but eventually I got annoyed with them and found a way to bite them off to get to my real nails :(

I was a compulsive nail biter for near on sixty eight years. I had most of my teeth removed as The quality and number of fillings was causing problemsMy problem was put down to nerves as a child and eventually that was the beginning of my first period of Anxiety. My nails have grown back although the nails are ingrowing sometimes, and the quality of the nail is taking a longish time to become stronger, however in many ways the nail beds are ckearing as the nails grow in.

You do not mention if you are having any treatment. For your Anxiety. Talking out your problems with either a Therapist or someone you know and trust.

On occasions the greater number of people may be given medications to help them over the mid term. So I would advise you talk to your GP and a treatment pathway may be suggested


Oh yeah I've bitten my nails since I can remember. My dad always lectured/lectures me about biting them so I started biting the skin around my nails as well, he did not like that either but that made it to where If I run out of nail to bite I go for the skin. And I am seeing a therapist but she's blocked up right now so I haven't seen her in almost three weeks. It's not a good thing since I see her weekly and out of the blue she got blocked up. I've recently cut out a lot of people in my life and those I try to rely on for support are either unsupportive or too busy so I've just been trying to handle it on my own time. I have been recommended taking medications as treatments multiple times however my father is STRONGLY against me taking anything so I have to wait until I am 18. I turn 17 in less than a month but I still don’t have rights to choice of medications. I'm trying every method I can find to help myself and to get better with my issues and illnesses but so far I struggle to take to the methods or when I manage to find some useful ones they wear out eventually and I'm stuck in the same place as before. I'm currently trying out one of my last methods which is Support groups however I'm having trouble finding some for my age range, issues, and location. If you know any tips I certainly would appreciate anything you have!

If you are sixteen you are allowed to make a GP appointment and attend on your own in the UK. You have the rite of Privacy. So talk to your Doctor.

I started work when I was fifteen and because of stress I was able to make appointments in 1966

Regards nail biting, there are fluids that taste vile you can purchase various liquids you paint the nails with it and it seems to help stop the biting and tearing of nail and skin.

Regards Day Centres, generally most towns do have centres you should be able to attend, your GP should be able to help you although it may be your age that will be problematic. However a Therapist may also be able to help

Does your Mam or Dad attend your GP with you ? You need to ask who needs the medications, your GP should be able to help. Sometimes when young your Doctor may defer AD MEDICATIONS until you get older. I was about 16 or seventeen before I was put on medication


So my stepmom always attends them with me, I don’t know how to make those appointments, and even if so my GP is really judgmental and make me feel to uncomfortable to be honest with her. And im in the US, I know at the age of 16 here we can see them on our own but im not sure how to go about getting an appointment I think I can make one on the app I have, I think I'll try soon but as for getting medications I don’t think that they can prescribe me any since they aren't a psychiatrist. I first went into therapy once when I was seven, it didn't last but I went again at 11 off and on until I found a semi-consistent one at the age of I think 13 or 14 and since 13 the ones I've had all say that I should try medication but my father REFUSES, and says I do NOT need them. It took years before I was able to get into therapy due to the fact that my father didn't want to face the fact that I was unstable in all ways.

In the USA it is similar situation, in a situation your Father, or Step Mom has no real reason to attend any treatments or medications you need to take. Regards your Health you have been mentally ill through childhoodDid your Father think you are unable to be responsible for your health.

Your Doctor now seems it is not right for someone to be with you. Peoples health concerns can be very private. It would seem you need to take back your responsibilities health wise, if you need medication you

need to be able to move on accordingly


Yeah I think he's worried about the affects of Antidepressants and he always says hurtful things about my want to be on medication. He seems to believe medications never help anything, but I've done research where in many cases they do actually help the person and can be removed from use without endangering the person taking them. Which contradicts everything my father says. I told him that when I hit 18 and if im still feeling the same way as I am at 16 (right now) that I will be going on medications because at that point he cant control me let alone argue because It's very clear that I am actually trying to get better Bec cause I don’t want to be in the position ive been in forever. Most days he doesn't acknowledge how hard I try to get better and it genuinely sucks. Sometimes I try to let him in to help me like asking him to help me find support groups nearby.

Hello, it is important you learn and seek help for your Condition. Just because you take medications does not mean you will be on them for an extended period. Yes I can understand taking AD medication when you are young is not the best time although your Doctor seems to feel it may help you move on into adult hood.

Therapy does work to help you come to terms and move on from the cause. My concern when I was young was further Education, medications on occasions can make study more difficult as it did for me.

My problem basically was I had chosen the wrong Job and therefore the education pathway showed I had taken the wrong pathway.

You need to be able to talk out your feelings with someone not associated with family I feel and your Doctor can help with this

Good Luck


Hi Rainy_Days16, I can sympathise. Last year I was a strong confident woman, now struggling to get through the day.

Yeah exactly, Only things that keep me partially in check is work, because I know that if I don’t eat or drink enough ill pass out in my shift so on the days I work I try and get food before going in. Do you work or attend something on a consistent basis? if so you can try depending on that for making it through your day.

Sounds bad. Everyone has their areas of neglect ,one of mine is finances.I also neglect medical tests and tidying my flat but everyone has one or several areas of neglect of avoidance .it all depends how much that neglect bothers you.

Have you considered medication as I have heard that SSRI can be helpful?

I have however I'm only 16 and my father is COMPLETELY AGAINST medication:(

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