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Hello, I have been finally diagnosed with dysthymia, cyclothymia. I have felt like there was something wrong for years. I just couldn't explain it. I started counceling in my teens. I'm now in my 50's. Several years ago I had a bout with major depression. That put me in a hospital for 6 days. In addition to that I had a husband that had no understanding of the roll he played in the situation. You see he was verbally and emotionally abusive.

I'm working on my emotions and self esteem but it has been very difficult and slow. It has been 5yrs since I was hospitalized. But only 7mo since the current diagnosis. Which I most likely have had since I was a teenager.

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I think my 16yr old is experiencing the same issues that I did at her age. I can see that she has some days she is happy go lucky. Then other days she is down. She also suffers from ADHD. There is definitely a history of depression in my family on my mom's side. As far as the mood disorder I'm not sure about that.


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