Feeling very depressed about having no skills or talents

Hey everyone, lately its been hitting on me about how I have no real talent or skills. I used to skateboard back when I was in middle school, high school, and college and was considered to be the best one in the whole school. But that was back when I was a kid (I'm 23 and work full time) and I've moved on and no longer skate anymore. So right now, since 2 years ago, I've been playing some piano but I don't consider myself good at it. I only know how to play a couple songs and I don't read notes. I just memorize the key positioning and simply play it. So I don't think that counts as a skill or talent. I also played competitive bowling but haven't played for a year because I damaged my nerves on my thumb joint so I think I lost my skills on that. And so right now I am trying to learn acrobatics/gymnastic skills such as the frontflip, backflip, and backhand springs. But its really difficult and tough. I've been practicing and practicing but just can't seem to get it. This has been depressing me a lot making me think I can't do this because I'm not meant to have any skills or talents. It also makes me very depressed to see people doing stuff that normal people can't. The only thing that makes me wonder whether this is a skill or talent is my knowledge and ability to grow plants. I currently work full time working on plant management for my company and designing landscapes. Although I am still very much an amateur since I've only been in this horticultural industry for about 2 years. I have a huge passion on plants and growing them(horticulture). My dream is to open up my own plant nursery and sell people quality plants that I've grown all by myself. Is being able to successfully propagate plants and grow them considered a skill or talent? Probably not right

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  • Skills and talents in abundance! Seriously, I'd break a skateboard, I couldn't begin to play a tune on a piano and even as a kid I was stiff and unbending. Weird eh!

    Everyone has lots of different skills. We don't realise it because a lot are second nature - we don't even think about it. What I think you worry about is the level of the skill.

    I remember being sad that I wasn't the smartest in the class anymore when I went to uni. Big eye opener!

    What's important is not so much the level of your skill but how it's used. There are many many talented singers but not everyone becomes Beyoncé! If you have any skill or just a real passion to do something then you are halfway there. Knowing what you love to do, is as important as being able to do something well cos often that passion increases the skill because you want to do it all the time.

    The stuff you talk about with the plants sounds awesome. I'm a plant killer btw just can't look after them right although I do like plants. If you love the work you do, success will follow.

    Thing about what you want out of life. Look at what you love. Work at that and if you have a goal it will be met (after time and hard work- unless you're lucky).

    I hope this helps. Any complex activity requires a series of different skills. Information gathering, analysis, experimentation, quality control, exact standards, patience, focus, motivation- all skills and talents. Break down your job and you will see so much things you have to do well to get the right results. That takes talent.

  • Thanks. To me it doesn't matter what the level of the skill is. As long as I have the basics down and can do something normal people can't I will be happy. Sure Beyonce is one of the top stars in the U.S and there are some singers/bands that don't stand out as much but they still acquired those skills enough to be on TV, tours, and concerts. So as long as I can do something with the skills and be recognized for it(whether top notch or not) I think I will be happy. I do love horticulture and growing plants but I am wondering if that is actually a skill or talent.

  • Welcome to our site

    You are like my Wife keen as mustard on Her garden, if you want experience we have a near half acre here to play with. From fruit to 6/8 ft Borders for flowering bushes and plants. we have an Orchard with thirty odd fruit types i so she keeps herself busy

    Well done you have found your vocation and it sounds like in the future you will be able to make a living out of your passion. Very few are able to follow their dream, I think you have a long way to go following your dream. You have that skill and talent, enjoy


    ps How are you with weeding, it bores me stiff LOL


  • Thanks for the reply. I've actually been here at least a year and have been on and off posting threads on various problems about my depression and anxiety. Anyways nice to hear theres someone I can relate to on my passion. Well at least your wife. I am a big fruit fan as well. I've grown some Japanese variety watermelons and melons couple months back from seed and they are getting enormous. I can't wait until I can harvest them. I grow many other fruits too but the list is pretty long so I will keep it at that. Right now I am probably only in my first step towards my career as I just graduated college last year. So I don't know how my future will follow in regards to my dream but I know that it will take a huge amount of effort and experience. Hopefully my dream comes true but if not, once again I will have to think twice about life.

    Weeding is pretty boring. I don't do a huge amount of weeding in my current job as most of the spanish landscapers do it for us but in my previous job(actually a paid internship) I did a fair amount of weeding, especially in the heat of the summer. But I did learn a lot in terms of which specific plants have a weedy habit, how they reproduce to become that weedy, how its root system works, and finally learned what the plant actually is.

  • Gardening is an interesting hobby with the fruit we do get failures every year that is why we grow all the different types of fruit and varieties. We are trying a dwarf type of Guava at the moment and also we purchased a dwarf Black Mulberry that was taken by James 1. they then bred a dwarf type from that Also a Dwarf Quince. We got these because we were running out of space in the back garden, these are in the front with various shrubs. As you say all the varieties, we forget the names sometimes especially the soft fruit. We are growing perpetual Rasps, six varieties, we get rasps from May to the first frosts


  • I agree fruit trees/shrubs are hard to grow as they have many many pests that bother them. Be it bugs, rabbits, deer, fungus, and other annoying diseases. Especially fruits in the rosaceae family are particularly susceptible. I grow raspberries too. They are one of my favorite fruits. Most of the time the bugs(I think ants) or birds eat it first before I get to pick them :( Oops I got too much into gardening talk.. forgot this is a mental health forum

  • You are ok Heruga

    You are discussing your interest that gives you pleasure and helps you with your mood.

    There you are happy and accomplished.


  • You have a dream of opening your own business, planning & landscaping gardens for folk aft capitalising on your qualifications & experience in horticulture & its associated skills?

    Just think how you're gonna feel when you realise those dreams! Go for it!

  • Yes it is! I'm gathering you have a mental illness being on this board? That negative voice is talking to you. I know it's hard but think on any positives. I kill a lot of my plants!!!

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