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Hello all. I am looking for answers for treatment. I have a one on one therapy sessions. I take sleeping pills to sleep. I am not taking any medication at this moment for my depression as I have been on 25 different medications and have had 12 ECT treatments. I am just wondering if there is anybody out there who can share their experience and maybe there is some other treatment that I have not tried that may work. Any help would be appreciated, thank you in advance.

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They seem to be helping you with your one to ones. Sometimes your sleeping tablets will be AD type medications.

I have only been on ward inspections where ECT was given and have not gone through this pathway. When I was looking I was surprised at facilities on the Ward and they explained the ECT was still quite effective. If that is all they have to offer and it works well it may be that trying medications once more may be a good idea.

It is hard to know what to suggest, I wish you well




Have you tried changes in diet and exercise to assist with your condition?


Look at you tube from earlier post.

Exercise - 30 mins of brisk walking a day. So 15mins to shop and back.

Omega 3 supplement - looking for ones with EPA of 1000mg per day. Also multivitamin and possible Vit D

30 mins of bright sunlight within 1 hour of waking, for best result. A light box of 10,000 lux produces same light needed.

Regular sleep. If you have no indoor light or stimulation 1 hr before sleep. Get up same time each day and same bedtime routine. Sunlight and exercise will also help reset body clock.

Get out into nature. Always improves mood.

If ruminating. Stop and do something distracting for 30 mins or so. Video game, fishing, knitting, painting, diy, housework, letter writing, crossword etc

These were the tips to use for depression from video clip of Steven Ilandi - look him up very good stuff.

You will get better. You have survived so far. X


I went to the center for integrative medicine to see if I was deficient in any key vitamins I was missing and such. There wasn't a large deficit for me but I know people that have found some and corrected it with supplements. Also, pet therapy works well for me. If you can't have one maybe volunteer at a local pet shelter if you're schedule allows it.


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