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Struggling to cope with end of relationship

Some days I can manage to cope I go out, chat to people as if nothing was wrong, but then I hit rock bottom I hurt so much inside I feel that can't bear it and cry for most of the day, stay in bed, It Hurts so much. I was in a relationship since 2002, we still lived in our own homes but he came to see me often went out together, holidays, days out etc. hold hands all the time and now I am lost and cannot bear the thought of him with someone else. I am on mirtazapine 45mg and have some family and friends for support but am still on my own a lot feeling heartbroken.

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there is a cut off button somewhere inside all of us, the sooner you use it the better you will feel when you look back on this.

i reflek sometimes on where was it i went wrong , and on my last relationship how did i let it go so wrong.

this one wasnt the one you was going to end your days with...its a big blow to your system and that takes a bit of time to can help it heal by stoping tormenting yourself on what he might or might not be doing. he and you can do what ever you want.

i am a old man now and had more then my fair share of beautiful relationships..all have been painfull on both sides when love ended. and it does for most of us.

even at my great age there a new love in my life and i think ive learned enough to keep this one untill i die..dont think i got that long left anyway🙂

its not the end of the world.

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Hi , I am sorry to hear you feel like this. These sort of emotions will come over you in waves , one day you'll be fine the next you wont. What you need to weigh up in your own head is why your relationship ended. There is a reason people don't stay together you can be in love and spend time together some people and some relationships just don't work. Over time the emotions will fade and you will be able to get on with your life. Sometimes we have no closure and if it helps to talk it our with your ex do it. Dont think about them moving on or with anyone else , as much as guys struggle to show how they feel. They do have hearts and he will most probably be in the same place as you. Take care x

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