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Here To Help! :)

My name is Leya, And I've struggled with depression and bipolar disorder for about 6 years. I used to feel like I had absolutely no hope, Like nothing would ever get better for me. I've attempted to take my own life before, and I am very thankful that it did not work. I got a second chance to turn my life around and find happiness. I do still have my bad days but for the most part, I've learned how to be positive even during bad situations, and I realized what I really want to do is help other people that are in the position I used to be in. I want everyone here to know it's always okay to talk to me. I'm here to support and help others. :)

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High Five Sistaaaa .. My Faith has pulled me through as has Hope so I can be of use to others also :)


That's great :D Making others happy is what keeps me happy as well

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Oh you have deleted your account!


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