panic attacks/anxiety

Hello folks,

I don't normally share my experiences but i thought since I am going thru anxiety and panic attacks maybe others are as well? Pls send me a line if you are suffering from these symptoms. What makes it better? What medications have worked for people suffering from panic attacks? Does it help to talk to others openly about my experiences?

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  • Hi, anxiety is common alongside depression. For anxiety is it generalised or is there something specific setting it off? If you can work out what it causing it the way to get better is to gradually confront your fears. You very gradually expose yourself to your feared object or situation.

    Panic attacks are normally triggered by something specific but can build up over the day so that you don't notice your breathing is gradually increasing. For panic attacks try to think calm thoughts and remind yourself it is only a panic attack nothing worse.

    How long have you had them?

    It is good to share with someone you trust what is happening and then they can help you think of ways to confront your anxiety. If you want support from a professional see if the IAPT service runs stress control courses in your area because there is quite a lot in that which covers anxiety and panic. If not you can download the works books, for example they are on Berkshire health cares talking therapies website. Then you could work through them in your own.

  • Hey thanks so much for your thoughts and kind words, it means a lot to me. Is this something you deal with as well Sarah?

  • Hey mate, i'm dealing with it right now. I have herbal medication that seems to control my anxiety and depression. Depression is down 90 percent. I still have anxiety and dizziness in afternoon. i had this anxiety and depression for two weeks and it's all day not like hours, so it's very serious. I'm glad i found a way to finally treat it and possibly cure i hope.


  • Hi Mate,

    I have anxiety as well my friend. Sometimes it lasts for hours, days or even months. Have you ever tried any medications for your anxiety?

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