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Hi folks. I'm a newbie but am so pleased/hopeful to find you after years of depression/anxiety/very dark thoughts. Am going to appeal over PIP refusal. Have just gotten DWP response to Tribunal & am so shocked to find they're recommending I get zero points on every descriptor of tasks. Any thoughts? Is this a tactic? Are they intent on driving those with invisible disabilities to suicide?

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  • I'm afraid this is the case with the pip process. They often give people zero points and the appeal process is very popular to go through, albeit, mighty painful.

  • Hang in there .. It takes time and patience is required. You have medical evidence to prove your conditions and so I advise that you gather as much evidence together as you can for them. The people who conduct the assessments are obviously not trained in health/illnesses or else they would understand more on how people suffer.

  • Hi Satsuma. Problem is Tribunal only considers facts up to time of assessment (Jan 17). So they aren't interested in anything after that. I could kill myself in front of them & they wouldn't care. I'd make sure I took the DWP pleb with me though!

  • I can prove the "Physiotherapist" who assessed me isn't registered to practice with the professional body but would you believe it's not relevant to the appeal!

  • Its a complete and utter mess the whole system .. So many people are affected by this

  • Once my appeal is done whatever the outcome, then I'll "enjoy" myself!!

  • Are you gonna go on a holiday ?

  • No I meant I'm gonna cause so much havoc with Atos/DWP . Can guarantee them all the publicity they don't want. Then the hols. coz they're long overdue. Any suggestions?!

  • Oh I see now what you meant.

    Hols .. Well do you like the seaside or countryside or both ? Would you go abroad ?

  • Don't mind the coast as long as it's relatively deserted (Western Isles). We live in a very rural region so that tends to be "home from home". Grew up in W. Cork & wife's family live in N. Germany so there & Ireland tend to be my "bolt holes".

  • Oh I see. Sounds like you could maybe compile a tour of all the places .. How cool

  • It was work that would bounce me all over W. Europe. But I was so hacked off/exhausted, I jumped ship when voluntary redundancies were available. That's been the only good thing I've done for years!

  • I'm glad your stress has lessened through doing that .. You have some extra time to discover new things

  • It frustrates me though. I begin to feel things are getting ok when my world turns upside down - & with a vengeance.

  • It's certainly not plain sailing .. The pip is so frustrating I understand. Hope it goes all in your favour

  • Thanx Satsuma. I think a DWP tactic is to swamp you with paper hoping to put you off.

  • Yes I agree. Maybe it is a way also to separate the ones who say they are ill when they are not from the true sufferers ... A sifting process springs to mind

  • The entire process has been thrown into disrepute by contracting it out to Atos/Capita.

  • Yes .. Its an absolute nightmare .. Causing so much upheaval and grief to many.

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