What is this?

What is this?

I've had these spot things on my side, just where my waist band sits for a couple of months, had 1 (literally 1) to begin with and i mangaged to pop it like a cyst or pimple.. now theres a bunch of them.. Its only on one side and they hurt.. I or my family have no idea what they are.. My mum did suggest a sore like a bed sore?

(sorry for bad picture)

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  • Its always best to see a doctor with new symptoms of any condition, that way you will get the correct diagnosis. love grace xoxo

  • Looks a bit like maybe shingles , have you felt unwell or aching from that place?

    Maybe best to get doctor to take a look.

  • Just hurts in that one area, and nope not unwell.. my grandma thought shingles but then thought im too young

  • Go to the Doctor , he will identify and treat it. We could play 20 questions here and in the end it would do you no good. Pam

  • Put antibiotic cream and go see a doctor. Wear cotton underwear & no tight clothing.

  • Could be shingles / chickenpox, they look a lot like what I had when I was in my 30's. Very painful, but I wouldn't advise messing with them. See a doctor - there are some good anti virals to treat the condition, but chickenpox can be serious in adults so best to get a medical opinion.

  • My grandma says im too young to have shingles, and i had chicken pox when i was 3 weeks old

  • You can get shingles at any age, and you get it after having chickenpox. It's because the virus remains in your body. I've never had shingles (yet) but I understand the advice is to see a doctor as there are treatments which help.

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