My daughter's showing signs of anxiety but can't a GPS appointment until end of the month... Who can I get advice from?

Hi I'm new here, I have lived with depression and anxiety since 2010. I felt I was coping with my symptoms fairly well.....

But now my daughter's struggling perhaps she was the one carrying all my traumas? From Tuesday evening I have been desperately trying to get her (see was 18 in Dec 16) to talk to someone (professional) shes cried uncontrollably and keeps saying that's she's had enough wants to sleep and never wake up.

We've spoken to the samartains (wednesday) which did seem to help but no happier.

Can anyone help please??

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  • are you UK ?

  • Yes please say I have some ideas for you.

  • hi, have a look on the mind website, they are really good you could go and speak with them, I would try and get a same day appointment for her I'm sorry I can't help more, here if you want to chat.

  • Hello Dijohn, rest assured that if you've come through depression and anxiety and feel you coped fairly well , you certainly did cope well and I congratulate you. I can't tell of course whether your daughter carried some of your trauma but my guess is probably not and that whatever she's developed might well have happened anyway.

    I assume that you sought medical help when depressed and are able to reassure her that you appreciate what she is going through and that as soon as she can see a medical professional they will be able to help her as they helped you. Let her know its very distressing for you to see her as she is at the moment and ask her to see a GP if only for your sake, and until this happens show her all the love and support you can.

    My own daughter went through a similar distressing time at around 18 but eventually made a full recovery ,although she did have another relapse at about age 38 from which she has again fully recovered, so however unlikely it may sound at the moment its quite likely that your daughter will also make a full recovery. You are of course right in wanting her to see a GP.



    there should be some numbers here which are helpful and you can phone without being referred.

  • Hello, I'm very sorry for your daughters anxiety. It must be distressing for you as her father too.

    Personally, I would call the surgery again, and ask for an emergency appointment. She is obviously distressed, and needs to see a Gp now, not at the end of the month. Have you tried that tactic?

    It is good the Samaritans helped. But it sound like you feel she needs the GPs input, which is totally understandable.

    Best wishes to you and your daughter 💗

  • If you can't get an appointment with your GP, could you go to an out-of-hours centre, or ring 111 (I think that's the number) or go to A & E? That's what my CMHT advise people to do. Wishing you both well.

  • I am so sorry to hear about your situation and what you're both going through, but I can definitely relate. If things get too bad call 111 and ask to be referred to the crisis team? I had two members of the tea visit my home within a day or two and they ask you what's been going on and can give you emergency care and support whether that's meds/ be referred to a psychiatrist etc. Please message me if you need anything I can't do much but I do know the services and what's available when you are in need xx

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