Loneliness, lack of self-importance and bored!

I go outside 1-2 times a day, unless im PTing somebody. I look forward to the times i work. I have severe anxiety and i suffer with heightened senses so maybe autism? I literally have nothing o go outside for, and if i do i don't feel as its got a purpose. This has been on and off for 6 years+. Not looking for 'help', just advice/any anyone else who has these kind of problems(especially the heightened senses and loneliness.

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  • Hello WW, I don't have the heightened senses but as I get older I certainly get more lonely , along with it seems a big percentage of the population if media reports are accurate. In fact it would be truer to say that at my age my senses are definitely becoming lowered.

    I don't know what PTing is (personal texting ?) but its definitely a big positive you enjoy work and are getting out twice a day. Whatever your main interest aside from work ( and hopefully there must be something that sparks your interest ) then is there no club or society involved that you coud join ? Amateur theatre, a choir, a writing group, whatever. You must have something locally.

    I don't know your age but if young maybe taking up an open air sport (most clubs are desperate for members these days ), preferably something social involving a team and preferably outdoor ; football, tennis, cricket,golf maybe; or if older a walking group. This could lead to less boredom and maybe new friends. You'd lose some of the boredom and probably most of the loneliness .


  • Hi, im currently 21 and lonely, Very strange to be lonely at this age.

    PT can mean a few things but i am personal trainer. When i go out, its to take the dog, i dont get any socialisation throughout the day, i dont travel anywhere, i just have anything to do do. With being like this for a long while, i have a disinterest to a lot of things.

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