Think it's been a productive week!!

Well I went to the doctors and with some not so gentle prodding off the hubby I told her exactly how I was feeling which is a big step for me to not hold anything back. After getting quite emotional I felt better because I could just see that she understood. She changed my medication from sertraline that I now have to stop taking slowly and have been takin mirtazapine since Monday. I don't know much about this drug apart from the weight gain so if anyone does that would be brill. So far it has made me feel extremely tired but I think the quality of sleep I am getting is much better. I went to the counselling session not half as scary as I thought it was gonna be. I am really hoping that all these steps are the positive ones I need to change this frown upside down xxx

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  • Hello BOB here

    You now seeem set on a track that can prove to be positive, the medications that we take have a problem with weight, this can be a problem from the condition that we have. So now move forward and learn how wonderful life can be

    Why not, if you get chance to go for a walk with you husband into the country or park, fresh air and walking will allow you both too talk. This is another positive thing that will help you move on

    Make targets on what you want to achieve this can give you a chance too achieve some form of reward.

    Over the years I have wanted a country cottage, granted it has taken a long time, now I have managed that, it feels good. This was a final destination of little things leading to bigger things, Most of these targets can be small bites of a cherry, they can prove much more sweet than one large bite.

    Be kind to your self and try not to be over critical, with yourself One thing I can suggest is talk, explain and fulfil your goals be positive and not frightened to go for that prize

    All the best


  • Hi Kim

    Well done for going to the doctors and explaining how you are feeling, I know this is not easy. Also well done on going to the counselling session this is also a big step and not easy.

    Let us know how you get on

    Jules x

  • Good to hear that you are feeling more positive and seem to be sleeping better.

    and good that you are recognising your achievements.

  • Hi Kim that's great that you went to Doctor and got on well . Just wanted to say

    My sister who was never Depressed in her life until her eldest daughter died

    From cancer . She got depressed and her GP put her on Mirtazapine, she was tired

    Too at first but got over that . She felt very much better and you could see the

    Big change for the better in her. She did put on a bit of weight but it kind

    Of suited her as she was always very thin. Now she is back to her old weight plus

    A little bit. For her this Med was very good

    Good luck and hope you feel better soon.



  • Thank you everyone. Today as been the best day in months I dropped my daughter off at school went and paid bills did some shopping visited my mum and made a homemade shepherds pie. I know these all sound like little things but even up until last week they were completely unheard of from me for a while. I am experiencing some intense muscle pain tonight though and I have looked at symptoms from the mirtazapine and this is one. I am hoping it will settle down once I get used to the medication but even so I can cope with it if it means having the feelin of normality I have had today. I was so proud of myself today that I nearly burst into tears with pride when I when I told my husband what I'd been upto when he finished work

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