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Do I have depression or am I just acting up?

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Hi I am new here I am a young teen and lately i have been feeling very sad and crying alot.Some times i have these anger outburst to my family and it effects my realtionship with them I feel so worthless and that no one cares about me my mom says I can't have depression because I am just to little or i could feel like that and It's just what I think it is because I am sad. If i do have depreesion how do i explain to my parents that I do and believe that it could be true?

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I'm the exact same Holy S***, I feel give it at least 2 weeks, Then You are most likely unwell, Go to a GP, Or doctor, Bring someone close to you, An Adult... Anyone? Grandparents, Aunts older siblings, Don't suffer alone x, Just be aware, I'm here for you, But at the same time try & keep busy for now, Until you go see someone x

Thank you it has been happening for like years now and I just thought I was being a brat or something it has been affecting me for some time now and I feel like I am never happy

Check out My Forums, You Might find so Similarity, Age might play a significant factor, However Like I said, 100% go with a close family or friend member who is an adult. Xx + If You know for sure, Deep down something is wrong, Then believe in it, But Do try to remove anything toxic first, or anything you suspect is causing it, I'm not denying you, Or dis-believing you, but I never had the chance to get bad people out until the hurt me for life, Hopefully try, U feel u dont need to, then just dont. just follow ur heart, put urself first. and stay safe x

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Hi nice to meet you and welcome to the forum. Can I check how old you are please as it's hard to know how to advise you without knowing your age. Lil x

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Hey Hun i remember these days well. You are still so young and your hormones and constantly changing hence the mood swings. Keep an eye on it babe. If it continues book a appointment to see you GP. If you ever need to chat let me know xx

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