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How to move on?

Hi everyone,

So my post today is about how to move on from an event in your past. Quite a big thing happened when i was 12 which was when my mental health had a massive impact. I never told anyone what happened, and quite frankly i don't think i ever will. However almost 6 years on i still think back to that event almost daily, i get so easily reminded of it it's hard to escape it. I just want to know how to get rid of the negative feelings towards it as i know i'll never forget what happened, but if i could stop getting upset about it that would help i think. But telling someone really isn't an option.

Thank you

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Hello there MaisyMay2

I know you have said you won't discuss what happened to cause you such distress and I wouldn't expect you to on a Forum but I think to find some way of coping with theses negative thoughts or possible PTSD, you will need to take someone into your confidence in order for them to help you. There's lots of ways with dealing with such painful thoughts and coping mechanisms so please do rethink your decision. You can always message me.

A couple of tips I can offer is write it all down, it really does help and also Mindfulness, but they're not a substitute for talking MaisyMay2.

Checkout these resources:




I understand when u said u wont tell anyone or u can't because they won't help u and will just judge.big hugs


I understand it's good to have someone to talk to, I told my closest friend a few years back, it's just obviously they aren't professionals and they really don't understand quite how i feel, but i don't expect them to. I'm just concerned that as soon as i tell someone professional it's only going to get worse because it will get too serious.

I have slowly learnt to cope a bit better with it, I moved away from the area which lessened the reminders, and now i can actually go a few days without thinking about it! And although i still get scared thinking about it, i'm no longer in tears every time.

I will try writing down my thoughts, thank you. I definitely think that will help get them out of my mind at that moment.

Thanks again

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Hi it won't get any more serious than it is as your doctor will treat you in strictest confidence. Chloe is right you need to get help. Burying feelings doesn't work as they will come back to bite you in the future. I speak from experience. You need to deal with it and only then can you move on.


Seeing a psychologist or counsellor is the way forward. Whatever happened is confidential, but if criminal behaviour and it was a long time in the past then the decision as to whether to investigate will be yours.

You can start your meeting with the counsellor/ psychologist with asking about confidentiality, consent etc. but you definitely should see someone


Telling a professional might be the best thing for you. You can not heal from the past if you can not face it. A thetapist can guide you through tbe trauma. In the meantime, we support you! You are not alone.


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