Sertraline weight gain?

Hi first post I'm on 150 mg daily of Sertraline tabs does it put weight on I'm also on Co drydpcodine daily too thanks

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  • Hiya, and welcome.

    I was on a similar dose of Sertraline for maybe six months or so, and never found any weight gain from taking them.

    Lots of good eggs here, hope you stick around 🙂

  • Thank u

  • This is a good question for your Doctor. Keep a list of things to ask when you next visit him. If I don't do this I forget half of what I want to know. Pam

  • Thank u

  • Hiya.

    I don't think it is a common side effect at all of sertraline.

    Is the painkiller cocodamol or co-dydramol or dihydrocodeine? Can't tell which one it is.

    Best wishes 💗

  • Hi it's codihydrocdeine I take 8 a day also amatripaline sorry about spelling

  • I take 150 mgs of sertraline and have never put any weight on.

  • Thanks for replying must just be me then

  • Not everyone is exactly the same so maybe some will put on weight while others won't. I find I get very nasty real life dreams on it which upset me but I consider the trade off ok as sertraline works well for me.

  • Yeah me too there frightening the nightmares I shout and jump out of bed it's so scary

  • Heavy duty analgesia. Hope it helps.

    Could it be the amitriptyline that is causing the weight gain? I gained a lot of weight on amitriptyline. How long you been on it and at what dose?


  • Are you sure it's codihydrocodeine? You can get dihydrocodeine but I've never heard of codihydrocodeine.

  • Hi yes it is 30/ 500 mg

  • Oh ok. I have cocodamol 30/500mg.

  • Hi I used to have them

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