So I managed to go to the doctors but didn't get to see the Dr I wanted to.

She has put me on Sertraline despite my bad reaction to Fluoxetine a few years ago.

I'm on day 5 and I have sweats, what feels like a lump in my throat, bad ocd, panicky, starting to feel upset and I'm in work.

Cant get this one thought out my head and it's causing me distress, I feel so guilty about it.

I know it can take weeks but cannot see why life is worth living

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  • Hi Lush

    You said yourself, give it time. No need to feel guilty. You only have one probity at the moment and that is levelling out. As hard as it is don't second guess what is the drugs and what is you, just accept it as bad as it might be.

    Think of a happy moment, even if it was very brief. Once you have go it, concentrate on how good it made you feel, that is what life is worth living.

    Thinking of you, Matt

  • I have been on sertraline now 8 months . The first two I did not feel any different , Infact I felt worse ! But I persevered with it as my dr told me and I can say I am in such a better place ! I am able to chope with everyday life , yes I still get my anxiety about things but I don't let it get out of control , sertraline is the best meds I have ever been prescribed .. I am now seeing that cloud lift ! Stick with it !! If you have any concerns see your doctor .. Best wishes Linda

  • nice and positive to read thank you I've just started to take them.

  • Hi Toyn. hang on in there with them .they made me cope and still do with all that life throws at me .they have been a godsend

  • If you are feeling worse, you must either hand on for a month to see if you feel better, get your friends around you, or go back to your doctor. especially if you feel suicidal. (or however you spell it)

  • Your better alive than being stuck in the inter world till it's your real allotted time to leave this life.......keep busy...thinking about you

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