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Unable to gain weight

Im after a little bit of advice as i have always struggled with my weight and I'm one of those people who can eat loads and not put any weight on. Going on anti-depressants caused me to lose weight when I wanted to gain it and since I've come off them I have got my appetite back back but Im still so underweight. Does anyone have any tips that would help me to gain a bit of weight. I'm going back to my GP next week to hopefully change medications and hopefully try one that will help me gain weight but I'm really struggling at the moment.

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Check your blood test for over active thyroid. Also malabsorption, coeliac disease.

High calorie diets.

Do you smoke? If so you must stop


I have had numerous blood tests for iron levels, vitamin d levels and thyroid but they have all come back clear. I don't smoke and my diet consists of high calorie foods and not a lot of fruit.


Hi there is another community on here called 'Weight Loss'. Now I know you want to put weight on but there are others there like you who use the site, so I presume it's helping them. x


Try looking into exercise and gaining muscle rather than purely weight, if you're physically able to obviously. Look at your diet and make sure you're getting the right nutrition to build muscle and then start doing some exercise. Some cardio would be good as that in itself will probably increase your appetite further and it's often good for your mood. You need to get the balance right though as obviously cardio will be burning calories so you need to make sure you increase your calories enough to balance this. Then some weight training to build muscle too. It doesn't have to be in a gym there are lots of things you can do at home without any equipment. There are web pages with advice on this.

Are you underweight to the extent that your GP considers it a risk to your health? If so maybe some buildup drinks for the short term might help. If you're not this underweight try to think about why it's bothering you. Are people commenting on your weight? If so are they doing it in your best interests or might it be better to ignore them? It's easy to get hung up on certain issues when you're depressed. Your blood results were ok so it doesn't appear that your health is significantly impacted by your low weight. If you're at the lower end of normal and physically well then it might just be how you are at the moment. Worth keeping an eye on it so that it doesn't drop further but don't worry about it too much. Speak to your GP when you see them next and see if they are concerned or if now they have your blood results that has reassured them and that your weight isn't too much of a concern.


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