Hi guys i wish i could say things were easier but the last few days have been very bad, things are starting to take a bad turn again, a few month back i was extremely low, i wrote letters to the closest people in my life explaining everything, my faults etc, I've just updated those letters, yes I'm taking my meds as per usual but hitting a very dark spot now, everything seems so pointless, I'm massively emotional, i sat by the beach for about three hours wondering how easy it can be to just walk into the water and disappear, how bad i want that to happen, i hate life, living with this.

I'm done with fighting this darkness

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  • I would love to sit by the beach, I love the beach. I know I am at a very low point in my life but your worth more than just disappearing, please be strong. Meds don't seem to help me out. Have you been to therapy? I'm trying to keep it together, you can try to. We can someway beat this.

  • Hi, I'm new to this forum but hope my words can help in the darkness. I'm currently experiencing a low but not the lowest I've been. Still, almost every day requires mindful awareness of whether an activity will have a positive or negative effect on my mental state. And something new can unexpectedly send me into a downward spiral which makes it difficult to pull myself out of the lethargy enough to do positive activities. I too suffer with existential feelings of my own pointlessness and that of the human race. I have to work hard to see life as a gift and it's easier than not to slip into despair.

    Can you find anything in your life or in the world that makes you feel positive?

  • HI Phil, sorry to hear you're feeling so low. It is hard, as you say, fighting the darkness. You say you felt bad a few months ago - what happened to help you feel better then? Is it something you can revisit now? I notice that you posted this four days ago - I hope things have improved and you've been able to find some sunshine in something.

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