Mutual breakup with my fiance still more traumatize

On Nov. 15 2017 me and my fiance broke up he wanted to stay here and i wanted to travel and we were in two different places in our life i was okay with that which was fine we'd still talk . We hang out with still tax then we went bowling January 22nd 2017 and then the following week his daughter texted me she wanted unicorn cookies and I saw a post on social media Facebook about unicorn cookies they took the link and I was going to send it to her father and come to find out he was dating someone else and prior to that we degrade if either of us started dating someone would love one Let each other know so we could give each other more space you never let me know and then on top of that he was engaged to her mind you we just broken up November 15th and 8th gotten engaged December 24th 23rd so I was kinda confused and more less traumatised and her and just felt like I don't know maybe I did something wrong in the relationship because he never told me anything . H want me to move in with him and I wasn't fully ready for that and you know and the beginning I feel like you need your own space didn't want rush into moving in with someone because it's never safe and I mean I love him we spend tons of time together but why wouldn't he tell me that he was with someone else and then on top of that when we went bowling he wore his ring on the wrong hand that she'd given him and he later that day told me he wanted to kiss me so what do I do how do I would it how I go about dealing with this situation. I miss him and can't sto thinking about him when I confronted him on the phone he said he was sorry and when we talk now he just seems like he always has more to say .