Photogeek - Hannah

I'd like to put up a little post to tell everyone exactly what I think of this lady.

We have been friends on this forum for longer than most of you have been members, and she is the kindest, most friendly person here.

She speaks her mind (which is why we get on!) and always has time for everyone. She oozes common sense, life experience and wisdom.

She emails me when she sees I haven't been online for a few days, to check I'm ok. She rarely posts her own stuff, because she always prioritises everyone else's problems first.

Hannah, you are an essential part of this forum and I always smile when I get a glimpse of your avatar and I know you've posted something. I hope you start to feel better soon xx


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18 Replies

  • Ditto xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Ah Cough thank you my friend. How are you tonight?



  • Lucy I'm in tears to think that you think so much of me. I'm not sure I deserve it,

    But Thank you, I think when we suffer from Depression we don't see ourselves

    In exactly glowing terms and we are hard on ourselves.

    Lucy yes we do get on really well and I really like that. I can remember us laughing

    And joking at Xmas when you were having a Baileys, it was when someone on Forum

    Told us she worked " nights" and we were thinking she had an exotic saucy job.

    Lucy thanks for cheering me up with your wit and perception and most of all

    Sheer kindness and humanity.

    Hannah xx

  • I think we all agree that Hannah needs to go to bed and get some good sound sleep for tomorrow :-) xxx

    PS - hope to be invited to the virtual Xmas Baileys party this year :-)

  • Silke you will be there.

    Good night. Hope your ok and talk tomorrow.

    Hannah x

  • I second what Lucy said. Hannah you are a lovely lady and never forget how much we all appreciate you on here.

    Love Gemma XXXX

  • Ah Thanks Gemma that's really cheered

    Me up. Your very good.

    Hannah xx

  • absolutely Hannah x you listen and help everyone when they need words of wisdom xx

  • Thank you Scooby. How are you doing?

    Hannah xx

  • Agreed and a big thank you Hanna, your replying to me when I spoke on here was the much needed step to start moving in the right direction!

    thank you so much xxx

  • Hi Monib . Thanks for that. How are you feeling, glad

    You have joined the site too.


  • Hi Hanna, still struggling with the meds and will probably give up on them very soon, but my fighting spirit is slowly returning, I keep trying to convince myself that as long as I keep trying I will get somewhere?

    take care and hope your day goes well x

  • Hi

    Can I add my name to the list please :-) You've been very supportive Hannah thank you.

    Now are you the one with the Big Pussy? :-) Luuurve your cat! She's amazing!

    I wish I could have a cat but Im allergic, cats they're soooo lovely. I had a dog once who if you threw the ball for him just looked at you like...."okay what happens now, you going to fetch that?!!'...and then he'd smile and sit down.

    Anyway I'd also like to add I like your dress sense Hannah, that yellow dress with the big flowers on you wore last Tuesday was lovely, especially with the red shoes.....stylist, thats what you should be.

    Okay onward and upward, the world wont get conquered if I don't get a jolly on...tsk :-)


  • Thanks Caroline for that.

    Yes Luna my furry friend is great .

    How are you doing..? Hope your keeping going Caroline. I find every day brings

    Something new, that's it you never know.

    Hannah xx

  • Im ashamed to admit it but I THINK I Maaaayy have fallen in LOVE with your CAT!!

    She's the best looking cat Ive ever seen!!!

    Ebay, Hannah I sold 4 things for £14 if Im going to conquor the world by next Tuesday I'm going to have to do alot better, so thank you for the encouragement its much needed.

    I shall endeavour to fight the good fight. Helps that you are all so lovely here.

    Hope something makes you smile today :-)


  • How is Hannah? How was the checkup??? X

  • I second this motion. Can we give Hannah an award as the most positive and helpful person on this forum.

    I have been a member on this forum for a while too and Hannah has given me bits of advice to help me on the way.

    I havent messaged much lately as Im feeling quite negative, but it is good to know people like Hannah aswell as Lucy, Gemma, James, Sue etc. are all still around.

    David x

  • Hi David thank you very much. I have missed you here but I thought you

    Might be just busy with your family.

    I'm sorry your feeling a bit down. Is it not working that's getting you down?

    I know it's never as simple as one thing.

    Bug hug to you and please stay in touch as I always enjoyed your honest

    No Nonsense posts.

    Hannah x