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Feeling Low

Feeling so low and worthless my husband doesn't understand me he says I should get a job I wish I could but I hate anything to do with training and mixing with people every job these days wants to send you on training courses which make me feel sick and run straight home I am not a people person I love animals my husband hates my animals we just don't get on any more I can't leave because I have no money or any where to go I just feel my life is over.i am a kind and caring person I am not a bad person I will help any one that needs help.I have suffered with depression for years I had a horrible child hood I feel trapped in my head I don't feel grown up I am a little girl in my head.xx

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I know it's easy to say but please don't give up. In the dark times when the light is faint or even gone, try and remember with the passage of time thing's will change and get brighter. We don't need a lot of friends but if you have a few who are close, reach out and talk.

Even an email or text friend who you can use as a life line for mutual encouragement and simply a shoulder to lean on. Don't give up 👍


Have you thought about working with Animals? I dont mix with people much either, but I love Parrots and other avians+animals I find people to be duplicious untrustworthy and most are out for what they can get! You could always try Voluntary work at an animal shelter (dog trust cat trust bird sanctuary etc etc) Also there is always ways to work things out ie Council if you feel threatened the council have a duty of care to rehome you if you have evidence. As a last resort if your in the UK the benefit system is an avenue short term


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