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Any advice?


I am currently a sixth form student hoping to go on to do nursing next year. However, recently severe anxiety (which I have had for about 3 years) and now extreme mood swings are getting in the way of my normal life. I am worried that these 'mood swings' are signs of bipolar disorder. I feel like my anxiety and frequent panic attacks, that I was previously put on medication for has caused me slowly over time to become depressed and for me to feel very numb and worthless. But more recently in the last couple of months I have become much more manic. I am acting more 'hyper' and feel like I can't concentrate on anything for no apparent reason. I have been told of by my teachers because of this now and feel it is also starting to affect me at my job. The main reason I am choosing to post this on here is that I don't know what to do. Usually, I would seek advice from my gp but am really worried that if I do have bipolar then it could get in the way for my plans to get to university. Any advice?

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you need to be honest with yourself and get all the help you can. If you don't get your problems under control then that may cause difficulty. It maybe that you are catastrophizing and thinking the worst, but if you do have bipolar then it would be important to get this under control with medication


Hi Justmeaha

No, you should see your GP.

Your chances at university, employment, whatever, will not improve if you don't get the help you need (deserve.) This is not failure, this is you getting on top of your condition. No-one chooses to be ill. I didn't choose depression and anxiety for the majority of my adult life, but only getting help allowed me to move forward.

A powerful tool for anxiety is cognitive behavioural therapy, which is drug free and shows you how your mind tricks you into believing stuff that isn't true. Almost all anxiety is lie. I advise an internet search for this - it has helped me. You can get it on the NHS also.

I have chosen not to reveal to my employer about my use of anti-depressants, and I believe it's illegal for them to ask anyway.

So no, not getting help will negatively affect you more than getting help.

No-one should try and do this on his/her own. This is you taking ownership and getting back control.

Best of luck, and stay strong.


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