When u have depression or PTSD you tend to want to sleep more then usual . You become distant with loved ones you want nothing to do with the out side world . You become introverted and people get neglected due to these actions .. and you have an over whelming sense of gloom and sadness for life .. look for things u like to do look for people that make you smile . Amen ...Look to God always . You are somebody you mean something and you can over Come the pain and get out of darkness .

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  • I'm trying not to go back to being depressed.

  • God has nothing to do with how I or anyone else feels! God can help in a belief way but to be able to believe in a God you need to believe in yourself! I believe in God but I know he can not help me when I am in my dark place his light doesn't reach me I am not thinking about God I am thinking all sorts of things but not of God ! Depression is a strange thing I get fed up of the God sqaud saying "Turn to God ,God is your salvation, God is omnipresent "well He/She is not sorry but Religeon has been part of the cause of my predicament! Or at least his so called representatives

  • I did not say that in that aspect .Strength is threw all things . No matter what you believe in . I'm not a Bible pusher . I am a loving person with the will to help others by reaching out to them .. I myself have had to endure great tradigty in my life . Had to watch a horrible​ thing in my life and I found what pulled me out of my gloom it did not happen over night of course but it did happen ..

  • Sorry No insult inented or implied Perhaps my wording needs improvement, I also wish to help others and at the same time help myself, Life is to short to suffer the way we do some of us have had bad experiences with those who claim to be Godly or that they represent God! In my experience they don't ,they are opportunistic using your fears against you. God would not want any of us to fall into their hands so to speak! I truly do believe in God a God that wants us to have a good (Godly) life ,I wonder how he feels with the wars and the pain in the world just now!I am truly sorrow if I offended you in my previous post there was honestly no insult or offence meant!

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