Acute Depression

Hi I suffer with acute depression and trying to keep in my study class, I also have bpd and struggling to adjust being near people am not sure off. My essays etc have started, and is now having a massive affect on my moods that am not wanting to go out of my home and doubting if I can do my degree that my mood has dropped very low that my concentration is basically zero and all I want to do is sleep but when I sleep I have nightmares and if people get noisy am trying not to snap because the noise seem to grind in my head that I cannot stand it. I want to do my degree but my mental health cannot cope with the stress and amount of information being slang at me.

Am scared that am truly very close to the edge of no return and no one seem to listen or understand

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  • Hi there sorry you are struggling to cope have you been to your doctor if dont that would be a good point to start with ! Another point of help maybe try the collage helpline if they have one. Take care and dont continue. To struggle as you wont get better soon !

  • Hi. What do you think has brought this on because you NEED to get to the heart of the matter. So then, do some reflection. When you say no-one listens or understands, who are you actually referring to?

    It may be too late but are you able to defer your studies for a semester? If not, you MUST speak with your lecturers/tutors/course co-ordinators and investigate what your options are in terms of submitting at a later date. In any case, they should be made aware of what's going on with you. Also, it would be wise to consult with a univetsity counsellor. Needless to say, you should also be seeing a GP. Are you on meds?

    The nightmares relate to your subconscious trying to tell you something is wrong so you need to talk about what's upsetting you ... openly and honestly. Source mental health telephone help lines if you can.

    I think you'll find that you mood may lift as soon as you talk with university staff. Come to some type of agreement regarding submission of work. That should take the pressure off at least a little.

    Please don't be scared okay? Things will get better.

  • not 100% sure but I think its stress on the assignments being so closed to each other and one of the tutors reminding of someone from the pass of abuse I suffer also with PTSD and I think its because they look similar to the person involved with abuse from the pass I know its the pass but they look so familiar its triggered my memory

  • Sorry you are suffering so bad as you study, it is not unusual to feel the way to do. Like you I remember been stuffed with a mass of information.

    I found the best way around this was not to concentrate on one subject when doing homework. I used to do say an hour of one subject then look at the next one for that next hour. I would take a twenty min break between each subject. I stopped work about forty mins before bed and tried to relax with something I enjoyed

    At the weekend I would go out on Friday evening and work for half a day on Saturday and have another night out to relax. Sunday I would work until my Sunday dinner then the evening was my own. You need to relax if you do not manage that mid term you become stale and it becomes hard to learn. Yes there is times where we needed to cram and there are different ways to get around that.

    Give yourself a break


  • Ok, well there are lots of ways you can get help. If you have a formal diagnosis, your university should be able to offer support.

    If you are sensitive to noise, why don't you either wear headphones to reduce the noise, or listen to white noise, so that you aren't distracted.

    If your professor, or tutor allows it, you could ask if you can record the lectures, and that way you can take them home and absorb them in your own time.

    You were successful in getting a place at a university, which means that they believe you are capable. You can speak to your doctor about requesting extensions and you can explain your situation to your tutor. They will have heard everything before, so will be used to accommodating students who need more help.

    If you want, you can always PM your essays to me. I used to be an English teacher.



  • I have BPD too and yes the noise factor is a problem for us. Almost unbearable and I hear Bpsmadnes some problems with anxiety you are having re; the people you don't know .. Can I suggest taking some time out away from your studies as this will reduce the overload somewhat. I have had to withdraw from studying for that reason. Saves the disappointment of falling the exams

  • Hi Thank you for your reply's

    I already with the community mental health team but unfortunately the counsellor I been given truly does not understand where or what I mean.

    Am waiting to find out what support I might be allowed to have once I have had my assessment in December, I know uni would hard but did not expect to make me have a massive relapse

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