Had had a set back

Hi I am suffering from health anziety .and I'm having CBT Therapy ,it will be my seventh session tomorrow ,Felt I was making little progress until yesterday when I hd a phone call from my Doctor Saying about the result of my knee x ray ,He more or less sai It was knackered He didn't really put it like that, To be honest I have never in my life had an operation .and that's one big fear I have had all my life Scared stiff isn't the word . My Therapist wont like it tomorrow when I tell her that I just could not do the things she asked me to do for homework.That has really given me a downward spiral.

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  • So what exactly did your doctor say? Bear in mind with health anxiety you will always misinterpret things as being farvworse than the reality.

  • He said the right knee was so bad ,he wanted to refer me and I'm cringing at the thought .

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  • Your therapist won't have feelings one way or another about it. If you explain your fear then they can potentially help you work through this.

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