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Had had a set back

Hi I am suffering from health anziety .and I'm having CBT Therapy ,it will be my seventh session tomorrow ,Felt I was making little progress until yesterday when I hd a phone call from my Doctor Saying about the result of my knee x ray ,He more or less sai It was knackered He didn't really put it like that, To be honest I have never in my life had an operation .and that's one big fear I have had all my life Scared stiff isn't the word . My Therapist wont like it tomorrow when I tell her that I just could not do the things she asked me to do for homework.That has really given me a downward spiral.

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So what exactly did your doctor say? Bear in mind with health anxiety you will always misinterpret things as being farvworse than the reality.


He said the right knee was so bad ,he wanted to refer me and I'm cringing at the thought .


Hi figgs

Welcome to our warm, friendly, supportive & Non-Judgemetal site!

Feel free to post when you feel you needed to! Will will support you as much as we are able too!

Take Care! Warm Wishes spykey🤗

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Your therapist won't have feelings one way or another about it. If you explain your fear then they can potentially help you work through this.

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