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I'[m new here and I was recently diagnosed with depression, I've known for a while that something wasn't right. I'm taking each day as it comes but there are some days where I feel so angry for nothing. The smallest thing could set me off and I'd be annoyed and then in a bad mood for the rest of the day. I know deep down that it is not worth getting angry about but I just can't get rid of these feelings.

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  • Hi Daz, I get angry as well sometimes, I snap at my friends and family regularly and it became a real issue at work. I've been using cognitive behavioural therapy (cbt) techniques like mindfulness which really helps. There's loads of videos on YouTube which can talk you through it. When you got your diagnosis, did you get offered any medication or therapy?

  • I was offered medication but declined as the doctor scared me a little with the side effects. Am looking into counselling but I am uncomfortable speaking to someone face to face, would rather do eCounselling so I'm looking into that:) I have a book on mindfulness to read so will look into that too

  • Ecounselling sounds really interesting - please can you share what you find, I would really like to try that too :)

  • Hi Daz

    Welcome to our friendly, supportive & non-judgemental forum! Feel free to post as and when you need to, and we will try to support you as much as we are able! Take Care.

    Warm Wishes, spykey🤗

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