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who am i to anyone?

who am i  to anyone?

who am i to any body?



who am i to anyone?

just a face in the crowd.

one atom in a black hole.

who am i to anyone?

just wanted to junk the thought that has been taking over in the last few days

needed to make room for something healthier.

On a lighter note, watched ''wipers times'' today, from bbc wednesday, about a satirical newspaper created by soldiers in the ww1 trenches. It really underlined how humour can help people survive even the worst of times.

Keep laughing everyone.

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We all feel like this at some point and then something comes along to brighten the moment. It is staying strong and waiting for 'that moment' that is the hardest part at times.If you can get your thoughts down so well, hopefully, it will make room for healthier thoughts. All the best. xx


normally ''waiting for the moment to pass'' is enough, but I think it is time to take my own advice and implement a few more coping strategies now..

writing it down did help, wonder if it's related to how jotting down a 'to-do' list can stop that fretting about forgetting to do something the next morning. I remember how doddling in lectures used to feel quite hypnotic,~back to pondering on how that silly old brain works again ~ , I expect someone some where has written some learned paper on it


or may be an un-learned paper that could be put up for next years ig-noble awards ... like the study on cows that showed that the longer they lie down the more likely it is that they will stand up :)

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It's always a good idea to catch depressive and 'negative' thoughts and give voice to them - especially if they in turn give rise to a more positive answer. I, too, saw the article in the Radio Times and had the same reaction and thoughts about it - a good article. I hope that your weekend is going well.



Who were you to anyone in the past? We were all something to someone or we would not be alive. Who knows you now, you are something to them. Why not ask them what you mean to them? Or better still ask yourself what they mean to you.

It's so difficult sometimes to remember that we exist for people and that people who have come across us will remember us just as we can remember them.

If you feel you really do not mean anything to anyone then why not ask your GP to refer you for psychotherapy to understand why you feel that way as it's so sad.



Hi Gardengnome,

I've had that thought so many times, but it's when I'm in a busy place, like the city-centre.. I think to myself,

all these people, we are all so insignificant in the grand scale of things, we are all just 'a face in the crowd', but

at the same time every face in that crowd has a story to tell, a unique life, a network of people round about them,

family, friends, partners, who care about them..

But when I look about that crowd I think the same, who or what am I to anyone, in the grand scale of things?

Not much, that's for sure, yet all those faces in the crowd are pre-occupied with their own personal lives, and think

everything evolves around them.

Which in a way, they do, in our own lives anyway.

So you might just be a face in the crowd, but to your family and loved ones, and even to people on this forum,

you are a valued person, you're important, your loved, and your missed when you're not there..

So remember that!

And keep laughing :)

Sending you a smile and a hug,

Holly Xxx


I know. guess it's just the p.m.t. talking. Made the mistake of forgetting a couple of pills last month.

will see what happens the next couple of months. Not sure if it's possible to take anti-depressants for just a few days a month to get through it. ?


You mean just take em now and again? I don't think that would work...

I think they're pretty much designed to take em every day for them to have the desired effect..

I'm not a doctor, but I think it's like taking a course of anti-biotics, you can't just take a couple you've got to take the whole course..

I think anti-depressants, moodstabilisers, anti-psychotics etc., kinda work the same. I'm not

sure though, I would ask your doctor..

Love, Holly Xx


Please remember that non compliance with taking Meds is one

Of the most common reasons for Depression to rear it's ugly head.

You can't just take them like a headache pill, they don't work like that . Take them every day as it says onScrip. Please make this

A new habit and I'm sure your mood won't drop so much

Take care of yourself



Thanks for the poem - very beautiful - especially like the atom in a black hole image.

Did you know that it's also an image that could be potentially full of hope as some of the theories around black holes have them emerging in white holes that spurt out energy into the universe?

Strange how such pain can lead to such beauty.


Hi Gardengnome.

I often feel like this too. I suppose you could call it loneliness or isolation.

We are social animals and we need to feel part of things. Also I think society

Today is quit fragmented and everyone is alone in their thoughts and in

Their own little bubble

You are loved and valued on this site so don't forget that. We are all part

of a large caring family. I live alone and I feel I am not important to my family maybe

That's just my perception but I am important to me. Your Poem was very poignant

But maybe try writing one that is about you being valued , that might help with you feeling special and valued

not just a face in the crowd You are somebody

Lov and hugs

, Hannah


You are you....unique...beautiful...wonderful....the apple of Gods eye. You are at the forefront of life in this Universe. You are special beyond belief. You have the gifts to respond to everything you learn in this journey called life. You have the ability to change everything in your life. This is the most rewarding experience in creation. We are living it now. Do you see how special this really is? :)


I love those words.

They express all.

You mate is a Poet.


That was a bad time when i wrote it, and the gentle response from folk on the site here was very comforting, although it made me blub all the more. . Thanks to all the special people who share so much of their own experiences and offer support to each other, even when they have been struggling themselves.


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