Back at rock bottom

I have an illness that has about 6 symptoms and recently I tried to end my life so life is extremely difficult before and now my Gp has practically told me that he will no longer be treating me,my symptoms include intense pain and insomnia I sleep about 1 night a week I need help but he won't be giving it to me which means now I won't be able to cope at all,what can I do what help is there if you're Gp isn't willing to help,my life is in his hands and it doesn't matter if I suffer someone must know how to make him give me the treatment I am entitle to a possibility

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  • It sounds like you've fallen out with your gp. Can you try and see another one?

  • Yeah I've tried all GPS in the area and I don't have a car so I am stuck with this and see no way out

  • A few queries to try and work out a way forward

    Why do you need a car?

    How many GPS have you seen about this?

    What is the treatment that you say you're entitled to and want?

  • If you can't get the help from your GP and you are suicidal then I would suggest going to your hospital and push for the help you need and possibly admission into a mental health unit. Never give up and never take no for an answer. Go fight for your life. I hope things improve soon and you get the help you need or deserve. Remember you are not alone out there when it comes to this illness xx

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