Involuntary movements

Hello everyone.

I am currently taking venlafaxine for depression, temazepam for insomnia and zomorph/oramorph for pain relief.

I still struggle to sleep and feel like my moods are very erratic and unexplained but that's not what I wanted help with! (Rambling again!)

I was wondering if anyone had been on these meds and experienced I suppose muscle jerks but they are quite large, I move my whole legs and arms involuntarily to the point where I sometimes wake my husband up, it is mainly when I'm tired but can sometimes just be random. My husband says I should go to the docs (as i have a back problem at the moment) but I already feel like I live there without going in with another problem.

Also I have been sleep talking and moving, alot when i never normally make a sound, is this from the temazepam?

Thanks in advance.

L x


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13 Replies

  • I would be giving Chelated magnesium & melantonin for sleeping .Do you have any other symptons besides back pain?

  • Hi Marylyn, thanks for replying.

    I have had a few other problems relating to my back (numbness, sciatica, bowel and bladder issues etc), I am seeing a specialist next month so hoping they'll fix me soon as I know I have a disc bulge but my osteopath thinks I also have a 'slipped/out out of place vertebrae'.

    I've never heard of taking magnesium and never tried melatonin...why is this a better combination?

    I am slowly trying to come off the temazepam, doing myself not because doc wants me too, as I feel like a walking pharmacy but as the time of this msg shows (3.22am) it's not going to well so far!

    L x

  • Oh wow do u also get the numbness in ur upper back like a coldness

  • you have just described my exact same problems.. However im on a host of tablets but none of what you are on. However are as strong such as Oxicodine 60mg twice daily along with other pain mebs then heart, BP. Statins. Blood thinners aconstipation medsnd depresion meds 14 in all plus a GTN Spray along with constpation meds.

    But as you say I also Jerk both with my arms and hands I also make noises like grunts and such I also sometimes loose my balence when I get up or are turning round and when my leg goes down It sort of gets mislaid or does not do as I want it to. If you understand what I mean. If for instance im on the laptop I have to move my hand away from the keyboard when im using the laptop because it will jerk and hit a key or move the curser on the touch pad Its so strange and quite involantry.

    And as you also say its worse when I am getting tired and the more tired I get the worse. Such as when I have conversations when im tired I talk utter garbbage at times which again is worse the tireder i am. The other night I splashed hot tea into my face. That is to say I always have my tea in one of those mugs with a lid on that keeps the tea warm for ages and as I was moving it away from my face I jerked and it spashed on my face and it was red hot.. My wife has also said It was like I was kicking a ball the other night and yet my legs cannot do that sort of mavement normally as I can hardly walk very far at all 15m is my lot and thats after some pain and huffing and puffing. She also had to wake me over the weekend as I had been jerking with my arm and it had been close to her face. I have been to the docs and explained what has been going on and she has refered me to the hospital for Parkinson tests. My Aunty has it real bad and is constantly moving with it also falls and can only walk short distances and that with a 4 wheel walker. But she is on my wifes side so no hereditry from that side.

    I already have a mirriad of heath issues I dont need anything else Its hard enough for my wife to cope with the ones I have at the moment but its the deppression that gets or hits her the most as she cannot understand it and she treats me as though im normal and the deppression is something that is not real I mean before Xmas they told me that now I have CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) which she understood But the deppression she cannot understand at all. I dont sleep something to do with when it gets dark which I am in therapy for But she just says "Just push through it its all in your head" I try to explain. Also the CBT worker wants her to come tothe meeting or sessions but she said no she wont come. Also when I say to her I have no interest in anything or have no interest in doing this hobby or that thing and she cannot understand why I feel this way.

    With everything that is wrong with me right from a failed Heart bypass 12 years ago 3 vertabra that are crumbling. Artheritus of my pelvice and knees and akles all added to because of my 23 stone in weight. I was 15 stone when I had me bypass. But since as I have not been able to exercise much I balloned to this weight however it has been steady at this weight for the last 4 years or more. So i think the callories intake has come to the same as the useage hence staying same. I rearlly wish \I could do more exercise than I do but with all that is wrong I cannot But even then when I get chance to go to the swimming baths which is about the only place I can exercise freely It then gets hit by my deppression so I cannot win. I can no longer have any operations other than lifesaving due to me no longer being a candidate due to my unsuitability to anasthetic, In short they may be able to fix me on the table but they may not be able to wake me from the anasthetic. So all in all I am totally screwed.

    But the bestor worst bit is yet to come and that is the change over to PIP Iv not even made the claim for attendence allowance for My wife as she looks after me morning noon and night. But rather than loose the little we have I have left it all to be applied for this time when it hits. That is if my heart will take it. I sit in fear every day till the post has been. And only until its been can I rest. So god only knows what Iam going to be like when it does. I mean I am all over the place allday and all night now so I will be like a cat on a red hot tin roof when it does. I mist stop talking about it as im getting worked up as it is..

    (2 hours later) im sorry Iv rambled on and on and also not fully about what the original poster was on about. But I will say I am doing the same as they are and with no reason just that its happening.

    All the best and good luck with what is going one. If I hear before you do I will leave a reply

    Regards OS

  • OS,we're so akin in some of our problems,medication but mostly the thoughts n fears over Depression n the new PIP change over.I suffer with Spyncter of Oddi Dysfunction(SOD)Ive had an ERCP which proved I have the condition n was given a Spynterotomy of the bile duct but had it cut all the way round not just one or two cuts.Therefore the option of trying the procedure again isnt possible.Ive still remained in daily pain/agony/hell controlled to a good degree on average,by a cocktail of pain killers,stomach spasm relaxs,Oxycontin 70mg 3xdaily n for breakthrew pain Oxycontin liquid 20mg every 4hrs,Nefapam,Mebeverine n others.I also suffer with Chronic Depression,Anxiety,Agrophobia n Borderline Personality Disorder n take Venlafaxine 300mg day & Tryptophan tabs 500mg 4tabs 3times a day.Diazapam n Zoplicone when needed.I try not to use the last two meds if possible cause I dont want to need to have something in order to sleep.I find Binural white noise really helps me sleep n some tracks on YouTube are 8 hrs n above so it takes me straight through the night.I have N.A.F.L.D,diabetes Type2 Metformin controlled,n bowel problems.I cant digest fibre so lots of things arent edible to me.Since Ive been aware of the new PIP my Depression has hit so low im like a zombie.My husband is fantastic n is my Carer,takes me to appointments meaning he as to have time off work but he knows even our own gardens are out of bounds so No way would I get to the Drs.My GP,pyschiatrist etc are all brilliant n see me at home as Id be in such an emotional state when I got to the specified appointment they said something had to be done.The form for PIP put me as if I was living through every nightmare over n over or feeling guilty cause everything I wasnt able to do I was having to write down in detail making me feel pathetic and in tears.It took me 11 n a half hours in all to finish it n I was drip white n so tired I thought I was going to pass out.Sitting also sets my SOD pain off so it was doubly horrid.I contribute to our household by paying for the general bills from my benefit money n the thought if I fail to get PIP what will we do makes me feel very concerned. Ive mentioned in the form also theres no way i could go to somewhere for checks etc.So I hope if its needed they will come to me n remove that baggage from my shoulders.Sorry its so long n whoever does take the time to read it,Thankyou,Diane.x

  • Hi Diane Sounds like your pain is nerve pain.Drs won't tell you this but metformin depletes Vit b12 in your body which is essential for nerve & blood maintenance.Unfortunately there is a world wide epidemic occurring at the moment as meds like statins,antiacids,metformin,steroids, hormones. Some antibiotics ,a vegetarian or vegan diet ,stomach bypass,nitrous oxide all deplete vitb12.check for life saving facts & view movies which show case studies of folks b12 deficient.

  • Wow here i thought i was the only one i absolutly hate when im trying to tap a letter and my finger decides it likes a diffrent letter and taps it like 3 times really fast completley not volintary its like a magnet is pullinh me

  • It sounds like you 2 have got a lot going on and a lot to worry about. Feel kinda bad for moping about my problems now. Thanks for the replies though.

    Oshb5 hopefully your movements don't turn out to be anything worse and is just a side effect from the medicine, I'm the same where I throw things or drop things, this takes ages to type as I keep hitting the wrong buttons. It must be so hard not having the support from your wife on the mental side, sounds like she is amazing with everything else but can't understand the depression which I do understand but she shouldn't just tell you it's in your head thats the worst thing anyone can say, I still remember people telling me that 10yrs ago. I think it is hard for a partner to deal with, my husband is absolutely fantasic and I probably wouldn't be here today without him but he still says the wrong thing sometimes and can't understand why it upsets me or he just doesn't know how to deal with me if I'm having a moment!!

    Other than that side of things I can't really advise either of you about your other problems with benefits etc as I don't have experience of this, hopefully you can talk together and support each other.

    L x

  • I am on 225mg slow release Venlaflaxine. I hve a similar problem. You desperately need sleep to rest your mind. Explain to your GP, he will help.

  • I am on the same dose as you then Charles, it didn't seem to start when I got to this dose which is strange started about a month after. I'm kind of running out of options in terms of meds to help me sleep as have tried alot, temazepam is supposed to be strong but struggling to even get 3-4 hours sleep so really don't know what else I can try sleep wise, also fed up of hassling my doctor. Glad to hear I'm not the only one, not that that helps you!!! Thanks for replying.

    L x

  • Hello. I was on venlafaxine for a short time and I got restless legs and arms. I couldn't keep them still especially at night it was horrible.

    I have tried zopiclone and didn't rate it either. I have gone back to Amitriptyline which works well for me.

    Have you ever tried another antidepressant? You could consider trying another.

    Much love and hugs.

  • Hi Clazzy.

    I also tried zopiclone for sleep and as you said I didn't rate it at all. Just wasn't for me. Unfortunately venlafaxine is one off a long list I have tried and actually helps with my depression so I guess I gotta way up the good sides against the side effects...I refuse to take amitriptyline due to something that happened in the past involving that drug. Seems like anythinf with a positive comes with a negative...may speak to my doctor as we do have quite a good relationship and see what she thinks.

    Thankyou for your time :)

    L x

  • As for sleep my doctor will not prescribe me any meds Du to the cocktail of pain.B/P and heart meds im on so I have to deal with it the best we can. which mostly means im awake almost all night then get a hour or so around nine when my wife is up and about. I'm not picking on my wife but she cannot understand this saying sleep is sleep no matter what time. But I tell her how I feel, Which is I feel safer when she is awake and there if anything should happen. I know it would more than likely make no difference what so ever whether she is there or not but I feel safer and am able to get a hour or so. The other way is im awake for days on end till I finally flake out around the 6-7Th day and sleep and sleep for say 8-10 hours and the cycle starts again..

    As for the other things that I have remembered now Iv read the OP post There is one time which was horrific and would be better left alone and forgot about but ma-by sharing might help and get me to forget it forever. I have a had a bowel problem for the last 10 years and have had the camera up and down and the two main things they can find where maybe and a large anal fissure. Afterwards I saw the consultant (who was a man) and he said that the fissure needed to be fixed. However with me unable to have anaesthetic it posed a problem. I asked what the operation was . They told me I would be put on a bed on my side and that the anal ring area (is that the sphincter) had to have botox injected into it. but on the inside of the rind area and this would take roughly 15 seconds each injection which was the pain part of the op and it needed to be done twice. So being brave I said can I have it done without anaesthetic and the surgeon said yes. So it was booked. I turned up on the day of the operation and was given a gown and a pair of paper pants.

    I was shown into the operating room and there to greet me was the surgeon and 4 nurses (All women). I was installed onto the same table as my wife gage berth to my daughter with my legs in stirrups. and the surgeon pulled out the part where my bum was. The pain on my back was awful but I battled on. She then ripped off my pants and I could just see all the ladies faces just staring down at me . I just felt so humiliated. But what was I to do. Then the real pain came and not from the injections. The surgeon pushed something up my rectum and the pain was awful but then they opened it up I screamed out and the nurse said sorry it will pass. my god it did not . They got ready and injected me twice but I did not feel the injections as the original pain was so excruciation. After about two minuets they removed it. Thats when I saw it and I can only say it looked like the instatement that they use to take a smear on a woman. Then They just got me out of the table and said go and have a short while in the recovery area and then go and get dressed and you can go. And till this day I still feel so violated and humiliated. I know they was surgeons and nurses and only doing their jobs but I saw a male surgeon so just assumed it would be him doing the op. Mo im not a feminist at all. It was just the operation and the area it was in that got to me. I'm sure you can understand and see why?

    The last thing I did want to mention was That I also have problems with loose bowels and leaking. In fact so much so that I have to wear adult incontinence pads all the time. Which also makes my backside worse and has caused the fissure to return and that is if I dont eat fibre I slip most days so I eat fibre and very rarely have accidents but it also makes me go to the loo less and produces large stools which then cause anal problems and the reason the fissure is back (No im not getting it fixed again) So id rather have a painful loo visit than a messy visit every 6 hours or so. Wouldn't you?

    Again sorry for typing so much but it seams to help in a way to take and vent my frustrations out on the keyboard. But thanks for listening

    Best regards OS.

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